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two little reasons that 2014 is going to be fun

Our little cousins are now home from the hospital!  Torin and Parker love to hold them.  That’s Camryn in the pink and Brooklyn in the green.  (I think.)IMG_9526-January-01,-2014Dave prefers the hands free approach.Dave_BrooklynMy first attempt at holding two at once!  I’m going to need more practice.


Parker got a little worried here.  He thought she was trying to use the Force on him.


I tried to talk Sabrina into letting us take them home, but she said no.IMG_9529-January-01,-2014I know one girl who can’t get enough of these sisters!  Well done, Uncle Matt & Aunt Kristen!IMG_9545-January-01,-2014

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I love my kindergartener.  I do.  I love her so much.  But lately it seems that her mouth has been running NONSTOP, and it’s about to send me over the edge.  Really.  She gets out of bed talking in the morning and doesn’t stop until nighttime.  I answer a million questions every day, and that’s just before lunch.  I needed a break.  And every good kindergartener knows that you can’t talk in the library.  (Torin especially knows this because she has gotten in trouble for “accidentally” talking in the library at school.)  So the kids and I spent all morning at the downtown Nashville Public Library.  It was great.  I posted a few more pictures on the photography blog, so check that out, too.







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They’re here.

If you step out on our deck in the evening, you will hear them.  Thousands of cicadas swarm the trees in our back woods and sing to us every night.  I actually like the sound.  I can remember when I first moved to Phoenix and would walk around my neighborhood every night after 8:00 p.m. (I had to wait until after 8:00 before the temperature would drop below 100.)  I remember how quiet the desert was at night.  It was such a strange feeling to walk outside in the summer after dark and not hear any crickets or see any lightening bugs.  Fast forward a few years… we’re not in the desert anymore, and it is definitely not quiet outside at night.  In case you’ve never seen a cicada (I think I’ve got a few Arizona blog readers out there), here’s what the little suckers look like:

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