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Grandparent weekend.

We enjoyed having Dave’s parents visit this weekend.  Torin & Parker took turns assuming the role of Activity Director, which meant that the grandparents played a lot of Wii, Uno, Sorry, Legos, and Princess computer games.  We also celebrated Grandpa Thomas’s birthday while he was here.  The official day isn’t until Thursday, but nobody objected to having cupcakes a few days early!  :)

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Pears are a healthy snack.

The kids and I spent Labor Day weekend in Mt. Vernon on the farm.  Between the family reunion at Aunt Becky’s and the fish fry at Uncle Wayne’s, I think I came home about 10 pounds heavier.  If there’s one thing my family knows how to do, it’s make a covered dish.  Any vegetable can be made into a casserole by adding a stick of butter and a tub of sour cream and baking at 350 for an hour (of course there are a few variations, but that’s the general idea).  For the next few weeks, I’ll be eating nothing but pears for my snack… just like Torin’s cow.


My mother took these pictures at the Draege reunion.  I was too busy sampling all of the casseroles to bother with my camera.


The two boys in this picture are my two first cousins.  The one on the right (with the beard) is Ryan.  I was seven years old when he was born, and I can vividly remember carrying him around like a rag doll.  He is an architectural engineer now, and I don’t think I could pick him up if I tried.  The one on the left is Todd.  I was nine years old when he was born, and I had desperately prayed for him to be a girl (sorry, Todd).  I used to strap him in the baby seat on the back of my bike and ride up and down the blacktop road with him on the back.  (And that was back in the early ’80′s when nobody wore helmets.)  Todd is a police officer now, and I’m pretty sure he would give me a hefty ticket if he saw me riding a baby around on my bike like that today.  The beautiful blond next to me is Todd’s fiancee.  They’re getting married next summer in Destin.


I think my mother also took a few pictures of the kids with Baby Emery at the fish fry, but I don’t have those on my computer.  (If you think it’s hard to tear me away from a casserole, it’s next to impossible to tear me away from fried fish and hushpuppies, so I didn’t even have time to turn on my camera at that party.)

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Space stuff and dinosaur bones.

Grandpa Bob came for a quick 24-hour visit and we went to the Science Center.  There were only a few other million kids there.  Torin got bonked on the head by a big boy and came away with a bruise, and Parker fell down the stairs and roughed up his knees.  But they would both go back in a heartbeat.  :)


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St. Louis Zoo & the Arch.

We extended our Memorial Day holiday for a couple more days so we could go to the St. Louis zoo and the Arch!  Here are the kids in front of the zebras… both of my kids are appropriately dressed in stripes.


Standing at the base of the Arch.  You can’t see it in this picture, but there are tiny windows at the top.


The kids are at the very top of the Arch here.




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All in a day’s work.

The kids and I are in Mt. Vernon now, and all of these pictures were taken yesterday.  Here’s how to wear out a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 33-year-old.  Start by going to a small town strawberry festival in 85 degree humid heat and race back and forth between two big bouncy things.  Then go stand in the hot sun and shell corn.  Then head back to the house and gather up as many turtles as you can find and try to get them to race.  Then chase the dog for 20 minutes.  Then shuck corn for supper.  Then go fishing.  Then pick ticks off of each other.  Then take baths and fall into bed exhausted.






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Memorial Day weekend.

The kids and I are in Illinois for Memorial Day weekend.  Our first stop was at Grandpa Bob’s house, where we broke the neighbor’s fence and scared the puddin’ out of Grandma’s dog.  We capped off the day with a swing through Carbondale for some Italian Village pizza and ice cream (and I sure wished I had my stretchy pants to change into, because Mama can pack away the pizza!).



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Last weekend.

Thank you to Grandpa & Grandma Thomas who visited last weekend and spent countless hours playing Legos and helping us clean the basement.  Here is a picture of the city that Parker and Grandma spent all morning making.  :)


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