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a new start to an old routine

In less than 48 hours, I will put this girl on the bus as a 5th grader.  Go ahead.  Let that sink in.

There’s nothing wrong with being a 5th grader.  It’s just weird, because it was like 2 days ago that I put her on the bus as a kindergartner.  Remember that?

And remember her little brother?  The boy who got his heart shattered into pieces when she left on that bus?  Bless him.

Little brother isn’t crying anymore.  He’s getting on the bus, too, as a 3rd grader.  They’ll be at the same elementary school for one more year.

He’s ready for 3rd grade, but I’m not.  I’m going to miss his random-middle-of-the-day-hugs-for-no-reason.

I have mixed emotions as I always do.  On the one hand, I love the structure and routine that fall brings.  On the other hand, we have had a fabulous homework-free summer, and I’m not quite ready to let that go!

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Field trip!

Guess what I was doing at oh-dark-thirty this morning.  I was boarding a big charter bus full of 3rd graders.  We spent the day in Chattanooga touring Rock City and Ruby Falls, and thanks to a lot of caffeine and four ibuprofen, I really enjoyed the day with Torin and her friends.  Rock City was my favorite.  Even though I never could figure out what state we were in (Tennessee?  Georgia?), the views were gorgeous.  Ruby Falls was very pretty, too, it’s just that I don’t enjoy being 1,120 feet below the surface.  I think it’s sweet that Leo Lambert took his wife, Ruby, half a mile into a dark cave to show her the waterfall that he had discovered and named in her honor, but if if I had been Ruby, I would’ve said “thanks but no thanks… I’ll wait right here at the entrance.”  Here are a few iPhone pictures of our fabulous field trip!

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The hectic mornings begin.

Parker’s first day of kindergarten.

And here it comes.

If my neighbors hadn’t been standing next to me, I would’ve hopped in the car and followed it all the way to school.  Maybe tomorrow.


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First grade is officially over!

Torin has absolutely loved first grade.  She adores her teacher, and she was so worried this morning because she just knew her teacher was going to be very, very sad on the last day of school.  Now, I know I’m not always good at judging people’s emotions, but does Mrs. S. look sad to you?  I was with her for several minutes this morning, and she was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  Hmm…  (Love you, Mrs. S.!!!)  :)

So here we are.  The three of us.  Starting another summer break.  Only 12 more weeks to go!

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Let the Christmas season begin!

A multiple choice for you…  Parker, who is looking quite handsome in his navy bathrobe, is getting ready to: (a) channel his inner Hugh Hefner to impress the ladies, (b) weigh-in for a boxing match, or (c) play the part of a shepherd in the Christmas musical.


The correct answer was c.  He actually did a fantastic job doing the shepherd shuffle dance moves and singing to all of the songs.  I was proud.


He only had a couple of moments of indiscretion, but c’mon, what can you expect when you give a pair of wooden sticks to a 5-year-old boy.


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Torin’s BIG accomplishment.

Torin came home this week with HUGE blisters and sores on her little hands.  When I asked her how on earth her hands ended up in such a painful state, she told me that she had been practicing all week on the monkey bars.  This morning when she woke up, she insisted that I take her to the playground at school… she just knew that she could make it all the way across this time.  TODAY WAS THE DAY.  She could feel it.  So.  After rest time today, we snuck over to the school.  She started off strong.


But this was as far as she made it the first few times.  After three unsuccessful attempts, she was pretty depressed.


So she decided to take a break and clear her head.


Refusing to give up, she tried again.


This time her drill sergeant was yelling “DON’T LOOK DOWN!  DON’T LOOK DOWN!  DON’T LOOK DOWN!”


JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE!  I was almost crying at this point.


SHE DID IT!!!  And we all screamed and cheered and then fled the scene!!!


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