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It’s that time of year again.

I have been dreaming about this day for the past five years – the day when both kids are in school full-time – so why did I get a huge lump in my throat when I pulled into the school parking lot this morning?  Today was Meet-the-Teacher day for Parker, so I got to stay with him the whole time.  I know he is going to mature so much this year, because I saw quite a change in Torin last year when she went through kindergarten.  For now, I’m just thankful that he still loves for me to rock him and will still hold my hand in public with no shame.  (I know that won’t be the case for long!)


We only got to spend a minute with his teacher, but he already knows that he LOVES her.


These two aren’t in the same class, but Aaron is just down the hall, which thrills Parker to death!


And at the opposite end of the hall… the 1st graders have got the drill down pat!


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Last day of kindergarten.

Today was the Kindergarten Celebration at Torin’s school.  I have to say once again that I love our music teacher.  She keeps these programs short and sweet.  The Thanksgiving program was still my favorite (it lasted exactly 10 minutes), but this one was pretty good, too (I clocked it at 33 minutes).  I can only sit in a folding chair and listen to 6-year-olds singing for so long.


After the big program in the gym, everyone trotted back to their homerooms.  Torin received the Diva Award in her class for being the best dressed, which I thought was a little funny.  GO GIRL!


Once the classroom awards were handed out, we hit Mellow Mushroom for a mother/daughter lunch and then spent an hour shopping in downtown Franklin.


Her favorite part… cookies at Merridee’s!!!



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It was a zoo.

Today I helped chaperone Torin’s class on their field trip to the zoo.  And once again I was reminded why the Lord did not call me to be a kindergarten teacher.


Here are some of the animals that we saw.  Whatever those things are in the lower right corner… they were creepy.


These are the two girls that I was assigned to be responsible for.  Thank goodness they both had red hair.  It was easy to keep track of them.


Reading the map…


Torin tried so hard to work up the nerve to hold a caterpillar.  Everyone else was doing it.  She was just too squeamish.


She was ok for it to climb onto her shoe.  BUT THEN… THE HORROR OF HORRORS…


It started climbing up her LEG!!!  Oh, the high-pitch SCREAMING that followed!!!  I’m sure the southern half of the zoo thought someone had fallen into the lion pit.  We are very thankful for her partner, who saved Torin’s life by lifting the bug off of her shin.  (And that is exactly why it’s always important to stick with a buddy.)


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The Thanksgiving Program.

Torin had her first school music program tonight.  It featured kindergartners only, and the gym was PACKED with parents.  Torin looked sharp as ever in her turkey headband and sang her little heart out.  She told Dave and me before we left that she did NOT want us to clap at the end, because that would be way too embarrassing.  So of course we did not applaud.  Instead, Dave did the Arsenio Hall elbow pump and yelled “WOO-WOO-WOO!”  (I bet next time she asks us to clap.)

The best part about the whole program?  The entire thing lasted only 15 minutes.  I LOVE our music teacher!!!

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