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Christmas pictures, Torin style.

Santa brought Torin a camera for Christmas.  A brand new grown-up Nikon point-and-shoot in princess purple.  It was a huge hit.  She LOVED taking pictures every place we went.  I just sat down at my computer and downloaded her files, and I have to say, it was quite interesting to view our family Christmas from her perspective.  If it wasn’t for Torin and her camera, we never would have captured a sweet moment such as this one:


And we for sure would not have captured a fun family activity such as this:


And we NEVER would have captured my grandpa doing this:


Yep.   In addition to the lovely images shown above, I also found pictures of Grandpa Bob’s shower curtain, Aunt Becky’s Precious Moments figurines, PaPa’s clocks, and my personal favorite – a picture of the UPS truck parked in front of our house.

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