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Parker and I had a little impromptu Easter egg hunt in the backyard when he got home from school today.  It’s hard to believe that in about 3 weeks, all of the leaves will be filled in and we won’t be able to see through the woods anymore.


And how’s the basement coming along?  Let’s just say that the only way I can deal with THIS:


Is to have one or two (or four) of THESE:


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Houston, we gotta big problem.

I guess all good things have to come to an end.  The basement project was going so well – we were under budget and all of our contractors were doing a fabulous job… until we got down to the last week and discovered a plumbing problem.  Ugh.  I can’t really explain all of the details, but it has something to do with a pipe tilting up instead of down, and now the sewer won’t drain the correct way, which stinks.  (Literally.)   All I know is, I’ve been hearing talk of wet saws and busting out walls and tearing up concrete, and none of that sounds good to me.  I’ll keep you updated.


The theater room:


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We have started work on our basement.  Here are the official “before” pictures.  It may be a while until you see the “after” pictures, because we’re not in a huge rush, we just wanted to get started.  Eventually we hope to have a man cave, a kid cave, a photography office, and a media room.  Oh, and a BATHROOM.  Torin specifically said she wants a bathroom.

The big deal today is that we now have heat!  We had to get a new unit for the basement (why do those things have to be so expensive?).  The HVAC guys just left, so Parker and I went downstairs to feel the warmth.




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