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It’s that time of year again.  Time for the annual Lighting of the Krispy Kreme.


She’s eleven.  Or as she told me this morning, “That’s only two years away from being a teenager, and only five years away from sixteen.”


For now, I just want her to enjoy eleven.  I know that it will be gone in a heartbeat.

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Parker turns 9!

We just pulled off the easiest birthday party ever.  It involved Parker’s latest obsession…

First, we invited two good buddies from school.

Then we went to the store and bought cupcakes (take that, Pinterest).

And then we set up our computers for the boys to do a multi-player game.  They LOVED it.

MacGyver really, really wanted to participate.

“Hey, if you scoot over a little, I can move the mouse with my wet nose.”

“They wouldn’t let me in the game.”

“This party is so lame.”

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Torin’s birthday party

It’s party time again!  We had nine 3rd grade girls in our house on Saturday morning, plus one slightly bored 1st grade boy, and I think it was my favorite party ever.  They made rings, they folded paper fortune tellers, they ate donuts, and they had a scavenger hunt that required them to run all over the entire house, collecting strategically placed items such as paperclips and puzzle pieces.  (Side note: anything that requires 9-year-old girls to run also apparently requires them to squeal and/or scream.)  I am thankful for the fun little girls in Torin’s class who helped us celebrate!


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Let’s PARTY.

Since THIS describes my life right now:

You KNOW that Parker’s 7th birthday party theme had to be this:

I have to say, I was a little worried about having the party at home, especially when it started pouring down rain 45 minutes before party time… of course it was AFTER I had sprayed the yard for mosquitoes and hung tons of paper streamers all over our deck (FYI – soggy streamers don’t look very festive).  Luckily the rain stopped just in time for me to drag out all of the tables again right before the boys arrived.  It wasn’t quite as easy as renting one of the popular places around town, but it sure was so much fun!  I think Parker enjoyed it even more because it was at our house.   The boys bounced on our old blow-up jumper, splashed around in Parker’s water table, played Lego Bingo (I printed it out for free… ask me if you want details), and got a huge kick out of the donut game.

And a quick game of Twister before the grandparents left the next morning was very entertaining, especially from my vantage point.  :)

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