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Age EIGHT!!!

Today is the official day!  When I look back over these pictures of Torin with her birthday cakes, it reminds me of how far we’ve come.  For those of you who don’t know, she was diagnosed as “failure to thrive” shortly after her first birthday, which qualified her for occupational therapy and speech/feeding therapy for a full year.  (Before that, I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing as “feeding therapy.”)  When most babies were eating solid foods, Torin was busy gagging on strained pears, applesauce, and anything else that we tried to spoon into her mouth.  She would not swallow anything other than milk or Pediasure.  It was a very, very stressful time for us (and keep in mind that when she was 17 months old, I gave birth to Parker… yeah, I was a hormonal wreck).  Fortunately, thanks to lots of prayers and wonderful therapists, she managed to outgrow the gagging response.  I can remember the very first thing she actually reached for and ate voluntarily - it was a big fat orange Cheeto – and I cried.  :)

You can see in these pictures that she got very stressed out when she saw her first birthday cake (which she did not eat).  For her 2nd birthday, she is actually pushing the cake AWAY from her (while my mother tried unsuccesfully to feed her).  By the third birthday, praise the Lord, she actually ate her cupcake, and it’s been pretty smooth sailing since then!

We celebrated Torin’s 8th birthday a few weeks early with a swimming party at the Opryland Hotel and a big Krispy Kreme cake!  Happy Birthday, Torin!

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Six years of love, laughter, and bathroom jokes.

Six years ago tonight, we met Parker for the first time.  He was pretty cute and we liked him well enough, but he lacked… personality.  To be perfectly honest, he was a little needy back then.  (Torin was less than thrilled with the new family member.)

Fast forward to 2010.  We love this boy more than words can describe.

He is a comedian, a bear-hugger, a bug-lover, and a peace-maker.  He cracks us up on a daily basis, and our home would be so boring without him.

He is Torin’s best friend and partner in crime.  He is Dave’s constant sidekick, and yet he is still a huge Mama’s boy, which I love.  Happy birthday to a super-duper son and brother!

And finally, the annual growth-chart picture.

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Our birthday tradition.

Some people photograph their kids waiting for the bus in the same spot every year on the first day of school.  Some take pictures of their kids in front of the Christmas tree every Christmas Eve.  At our house, we take pictures of the kids in front of their growth charts every year on their birthdays.  These are certainly not professional quality portraits.  I don’t even worry about the lighting.  I just want a snapshot of each one of them on the actual day, and I love putting the pictures together to see the progression.  Today is Torin’s 7th birthday, and here is her progression over the past five years!


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Turning 7!

The big 7th birthday party has come and gone, and a good time was had by all!  Her official birthday is Monday, but we celebrated a few days early with all the girls from her 1st grade class (plus her two favorite boys thrown in for good measure!).





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Parker’s 5th Birthday Party.

Another year, another birthday!  Parker is turning five on Monday, and he had his long-awaited gymnastics party this morning to celebrate.  We had 12 kids and approximately 14 adults (and apparently the cake I ordered serves about 75, so come on over if you want a piece).  Based on the huge grin that was plastered on Parker’s face the entire time, I’d say this party was a success!!!







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