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Torin, age 6.

Yeah, I know I’ve already posted all of these to facebook, but for the two of you who read this blog and are not on facebook (you know who you are), I wanted to show you pictures from Torin’s photo session this morning.  :)  Thank goodness for 60 degree weather.  I was thrilled to get her outside in February!





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One one hand, it seems like the last six years have whizzed by.  On the other hand, sometimes I can barely remember what life was like without her.  Torin had a pajama party tonight to celebrate her birthday (which isn’t officially until  Sunday).  We had nine kindergarten girls here plus one very grouchy preschool boy.  They ate pizza, inhaled their cupcakes, danced to some princess tunes, and got their toenails painted.  And everyone wore their jammies!



While the ladies were upstairs dancing…


Parker was enjoying a peaceful dinner by candlelight.


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Early birthday present.

Here’s what happened.  First of all, let me say that I do not necessarily condone a kindergartner having a t.v. in her bedroom.  HOWEVER.  We had an old t.v. that Dave hooked up in Parker’s bedroom when we first moved into the house, so for the past 2.5 years, every bedroom except Torin’s has had a t.v.  This did not go unnoticed by her.  Oh nooooo.  For quite a while now she has lobbied unsuccessfully for Dave and me to buy her a t.v., so this past week, she took matters into her own hands and starting pleading her case to our little unsuspecting neighbor boy, Sam, who is in her class.  Sam’s mom told me that she overheard him talking to his grandmother on the phone, and he told her that he was saving his tooth fairy money and his allowance to buy Torin a t.v. for her bedroom.  Oh yeah.  Torin convinced Sam to save his allowance to buy her a t.v.  The girl’s good.

When MeMe and PaPa heard this story, they knew immediately what they wanted to get Torin for her birthday.  And since they were in town a few days ago, they decided to give her the present early.  I’m not sure if MeMe and PaPa bought it because they felt sorry for Torin being the only person in the house without a t.v. or if they felt sorry for Sam having to save his money for his neighbor, but either way, Torin loved her gift.  Now Sam is free to save up his cash for something else, like a Blu-ray player for us.



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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today is Dave’s birthday.  I won’t reveal how old he is (but it rhymes with snorty-fun).  You can see from the picture that he had plenty of help blowing out the candles on his birthday cinnamon roll!

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A quick rundown of our weekend.

We went to Mt. Vernon this weekend for Torin’s birthday party.  When we got to Mimi & PaPa’s house, we were able to destroy their living room in less than three minutes.  I think we set a new record.


Time out.  Parker needs to fix something.


Also celebrating a birthday this weekend: Grandpa Marlin.  He is 88.


Torin had her party at Build-a-Bear.  First, all of her friends got to pick out a bear.


After they stuffed it, then they caught a heart to put inside (cute, huh).


Then the bears got showered.


And finally, a group picture.


Cake time.  She huffed, and she puffed, and oh my word it took forever for her to blow out five little candles.


So by the time the cake was finally served, Parker didn’t want to wait for a fork. 


We had such a fun time with our Illinois friends.  We can’t wait to see them again!

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Party Central.

Our basement was transformed into Party Paradise today.  We all had a great time!  (See Ms. Eve teeter-tottering with Torin… even the adults played along.)


And since I’ve never met a cupcake that I didn’t like, I thought I’d take a picture of the ones we ate today.


Keep scrolling down for the best part – all of our favorite friends!














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