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Tis the season.

Dave didn’t turn into Clark Griswold and decorate the outside of our house with lights… there was no jello mold with cat food on top… no cousins had an unidentified lip fungus… no tenement on wheels parked in the driveway… and no squirrel on the loose, but there definitely was a nip in the air, and we did have a fantastic Christmas vacation this year!  Our guest room has had a revolving door for the past two weeks, and we have loved every minute.  My parents came from Illinois, Dave’s parents came from Arizona, and his sister’s family drove from Colorado.  I made little photo books for Torin and Parker to help them remember all of the crazy fun we have had!

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Halloween preview.

I know it’s only the middle of September, but I’m always slammed with work in October, so anything that I can do today that will make my life a little easier a month from now is a big plus!  One way to get ahead was to buy the kids’ Halloween costumes a little early.  First up… Luke Skywalker.

Followed by the Evil Witch.  (For the record, I thought she was going to be a Good Witch, but somewhere between the front porch and the backyard, the Good Witch turned over to the dark side.)

Luke tried to fight the Evil Witch with his light saber.

 But Luke had a little trouble keeping his focus.

And he was ultimately defeated by the Evil Witch.

Poor Luke really never stood a chance.

Feeling pretty good about her sweet victory, the Evil Witch spent some time admiring her shadow on the side of the house.  I’m sure you’ll see more of these two on Halloween night!


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Another year, another sparkler.

We spent our July 4th like most Americans… eating food, playing with friends in our neighborhood, and watching untrained men set fire to dangerous pyrotechnics while their women and children cheer them on.  And now I am spending July 5th just like I always do – counting my mosquito bites.  :)

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The Thomas kids visit the Opry House.

We saw the Rockettes this morning.  Torin loved watching the singing, the dancing, and the set decorations.  Parker loved the kettle corn from the concession stand, the big salty pretzel, and the fun that came from kicking the seat in front of him.


Photography was prohibited during the show.  My camera must have accidentally fallen out of the bag and fired all by itself.


Both kids were convinced that the high-leg kicks were super easy (until they tried to do it themselves!).


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Because I’m cheap and I buy the half-priced sparklers.

I’ve twirled a few sparklers in my day.  And I have never experienced sparklers as smoky as the ones I bought this year.  We had so much smoke and carcinogens flying around our backyard that Torin covered her mouth for the first 10 minutes.  (Parker, on the other hand, took a few deep breaths, coughed up part of a lung, and moved on.)  I have no idea why the smoke was so bad.  Maybe it had something to do with the 99% humidity in the air and no breeze to blow the smoke away.  Or maybe it was because I bought the discount sparklers alongside the road.  Thank goodness our neighbors aren’t as cheap as I am.  After our sparklers, we all sat on Parker’s bed, opened the window, and watched several fabulous fireworks shows put on by people in our neighborhood.  We could even see the fireworks from downtown Nashville.  Happy birthday, America!







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