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testing, testing…

January and February are two of my slowest months in the photography business.  I actually enjoy it… it’s so nice after a busy fall season to get refreshed and try out a few new things.  One of the things on my list that I’ve been meaning to try is “back button focusing” on my camera.  I know a lot of photographers who think back button focusing is total awesome sauce.  They swear it gives sharper images and is easier to use than shutter focusing.  So I tried it today.  I carried around the camera all day, taking pictures at the kids’ school and at home, and I used my back button focusing feature the whole day.  Honestly, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.  I wasn’t that impressed.  I’m still not sure whether I’ll stick with it or go back to shutter focusing, but at least I can say I gave it a try!

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Taking our clowns to the circus

According to both kids, the highlight of the whole show was when the elephant pooped and the circus lady had to hold her big shovel under his bottom to catch all of it.  Memories like that will last a lifetime, people.

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Eating my words

I will NEVER have a dog in the house.  They smell bad.  They make messes.  They bark.  They smell bad.  They get underfoot. They lick.  They smell bad.

That sums up how I have felt for the past 36 years.  But last weekend, something happened.  I had a brief moment of weakness.  The kids got the best of me.  And now look what I have in my house.  It’s a dog.  (Oh, and thank you to my neighbor for loaning me the play yard/puppy jail.  Without it, every last shred of my sanity would be completely gone.)

I’m S-L-O-W-L-Y warming up to him.  He’s a 9-week old labradoodle, and he’s actually pretty cute during the day.  (Not so cute at 3 a.m., though.)  I’m hoping that someday he will live primarily outside.  But I know there will be times that he’ll need to come in, so we’re going through the painful housebreaking process.

MacGyver likes to bite.  He likes to chew.  He likes to go #1 and #2 on my white carpet.  But the kids adore him, and I love seeing their smiles.

I was hoping that a puppy might give me new opportunities to take some cute pictures, until I realized how unbelievably impossible it is to take pictures of a puppy.  I was trying to take a picture of him with Torin, but he wanted to bite her ponytail and crawl on top of her head instead.

Dave wasn’t sure I could handle it.  I think he’s afraid he’ll come home from work one of these days and find that I’ve run away.  But I know he likes dogs as much as the kids do, so I’m doing this for him, too.

Having a puppy in the house is really hard for me, but I also think that if I can stick it out for six months or so, I will learn to really love this dog.  I see potential in him.  I think when he’s older (and housebroken), we’ll be close friends.  Until that day, I’ll put on my fake smile, spray some air freshener, and try not to go completely bonkers.

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Field trip!

Guess what I was doing at oh-dark-thirty this morning.  I was boarding a big charter bus full of 3rd graders.  We spent the day in Chattanooga touring Rock City and Ruby Falls, and thanks to a lot of caffeine and four ibuprofen, I really enjoyed the day with Torin and her friends.  Rock City was my favorite.  Even though I never could figure out what state we were in (Tennessee?  Georgia?), the views were gorgeous.  Ruby Falls was very pretty, too, it’s just that I don’t enjoy being 1,120 feet below the surface.  I think it’s sweet that Leo Lambert took his wife, Ruby, half a mile into a dark cave to show her the waterfall that he had discovered and named in her honor, but if if I had been Ruby, I would’ve said “thanks but no thanks… I’ll wait right here at the entrance.”  Here are a few iPhone pictures of our fabulous field trip!

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conquering our backyard, one leaf at a time.

One thing we love about our house is that the back wall of our family room is all windows, floor to ceiling, and we have a great view of the woods in our backyard.  This fall has been a gorgeous one.  The trees in the woods look like they’re made of gold.  When the light shines through the trees and into our windows, our whole family room has a yellow glow.  Not only are the leaves beautiful to look at, they are also fun to play in.  Torin is pretty particular about her leaf pile.  Some leaves get raked into the pile, while others are placed strategically by hand.  Once she has deemed the pile to be perfect, it’s time to let instincts take over.

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Congratulations are in order…

Guess who won all three rounds and took home 1st place in the martial arts grappling tournament this morning?  Parker did, that’s who!  To say that we were shocked would be an understatement.  He is not normally very aggressive during class.  However, during the tournament, Parker’s alter ego (who is apparently a master in Brazilian jiu jitsu) showed up big time.  :)  It was certainly entertaining to see this new side of him!

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Torin’s letter from Mrs. Obama.

Think back… like, way, way waaaaaay back.  All the way back to October 9, 2010, when Torin wrote a letter to Mrs. Obama suggesting that she redecorate the White House to include a Pink Room or a Glitter Room.  Well, Torin finally got a response!  I cannot tell you how exciting it was for her to receive a large envelope from The White House.  She got several nice pictures, a cute little fact sheet about Bo (her favorite part), some activity sheets, and a nice letter  (she loved the official seal).  There was no mention of the Pink Room or Glitter Room in the letter, which we took as a good sign.  At least Mrs. Obama didn’t shoot down the idea completely.  Torin decided that the White House decorators must still be thinking about it.

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