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How many pumpkins can you balance on your head?

One pumpkin was a piece of cake.  He didn’t even break a sweat.

Torin even did a little dance while balancing hers.

Two pumpkins proved to be more of a challenge, but he pulled it off for a split second.

Leave it to the boys to think of something disgusting.

The mums looked good when we left.  My goal is to keep them alive on the front porch for at least a week!

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Parker’s favorite Halloween recipe.

There are two ingredients to this yummy recipe.  (1) Vampire teeth and (2) Vampire boogers.

Mix the vampire teeth and the boogers in a festive decorative bowl, or in our case, an old tupperware.

Once you’ve got it all mixed, you eat it by the handful.  If you like Payday candy bars, you’ll love it.  Enjoy!

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Grease on a stick.

Saturday morning… it was supposed to be overcast and rainy and dreary outside so I called my clients last night and rescheduled my photo sessions.  Does it look overcast and rainy and dreary to you?  Darn that weatherman.  Oh well.  Since I had the morning off, it seemed like a good idea to take the kids to the State Fair.

If my photography business ever goes south, maybe I can join the carnival and get a job with Frank.

Dave and I have one child who is a thrill-seeker and loves adventure.  And then we have Parker.  At least he is patient enough to sit in the hot sun while his sister enjoys the tilt-a-whirl.

We did force him to go on the carousel (the lamest ride in the whole park).  The walk up to the gate made him a nervous wreck.

One kid having a great time.  One kid freaking out.

And a forced smile at the end…

To top it off, we chased down our corn dogs and lemonade with ice cream and big plate of fried dough.  We left the fairgrounds with sticky fingers, sweaty clothes, empty wallets, and nauseated stomachs.  I would call that a successful morning! 


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My playground date with Parker.

For various reasons, our school district likes to start kindergartners out gradually.  Very, very gradually.  So while Torin and the rest of the older kids have already had over a full week of school, the kindergartners are still easing into their new routine.  That means that Parker has been home with me a lot this week, and that means that he has been super bored.  Dave took the day off yesterday and entertained him.  This morning, it was my turn… and he requested that we take his paper airplane to the playground so he could watch it fly from the top of the slide.

I agreed to the playground trip, not because I wanted to watch the paper airplane fly, but because I wanted to get some pictures of him with his four front teeth missing.  I have so many photography clients who call me in a panic wanting to squeeze in one last photo session before their kid looses his teeth.  I just don’t get it.  I LOVE the toothless look!

It makes brushing his teeth a breeze.

Typically, when we’re not playing paper airplanes or watching Phineas & Ferb,  we’re either tickling each other or wrestling.  I always win the tickling games.  He always defeats me at wrestling.

And finally, his best Statue of Liberty impression.   He heads off to school full time next week.  I am very excited for him, but I’m also going to miss having him around!

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The Butterfly Experiment.

 About a month ago, Parker and I were in the toy store buying a birthday present for one of his friends when he spotted a butterfly garden that he just had to have.  Since I’m a pushover and it was fairly inexpensive, I bought it.  Then I had to order caterpillars.  Then we had to wait for them to arrive.  Then we had to wait for them to form their chrysalises.  Then they sat on our kitchen counter for 10 days in this cage:

Finally.  Finally, after about 10 days, they emerged into butterflies, and they were beautiful.  We let them go in the backyard this morning after church (after the kids said some really long goodbyes to them first!).

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Discovery Center.

We met some friends at the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro today.  Why?  Because it’s air conditioned, that’s why.  Meeting at the playground would’ve been insane.  It really was a fun place with lots of stuff to do, and I think the bigger kids enjoyed it just as much as the little ones.  The water exhibit and the two-story twisty slide were the two most popular stations.   It reminded me a lot of the Creative Discovery Center in Chattanooga only on a smaller scale.  Definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for an indoor place to play!

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