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Tonight’s catch.

We only caught nine tonight.  But this was our first night out, and it’s early in the season.  Lightening bugs, beware!  The kids are looking to double their catch next time.  And to the bugs that were captured this evening, I’m sorry your new home smells like clam chowder.  Hopefully I poked enough holes in the top to have at least a few survivors by morning.

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Junie B.

Torin’s favorite book character, Junie B. Jones, was at our local bookstore this morning, so of course we had to go.  Junie B. did a little skit and then stayed to autograph books.  Parker and I braved the throng of 1st grade girls just so Torin could experience her first book signing.  (Although he will never admit it, I think Parker enjoyed himself.  The skit was really pretty funny.)

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Romans 6:4.

Torin’s eternal fate was sealed last summer when she prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior, and we were so proud of her this morning as she took a step of obedience and followed through with baptism.  (The fact that she did it on the anniversary of D-Day somehow made it even more emotional for me, but I managed to hold it together!)

Buried with him through baptism…

… raised to walk in new life.

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Our summer adventures continue.

In an effort to keep my offspring entertained, I took them downtown to explore Dragon Park this morning.  It is a really cool park near Vanderbilt that has a huge concrete dragon in the middle decorated with colorful mosaic tiles.  Even I thought it was great, and I’m not normally a huge fan of concrete dragons.

Couldn’t resist a shot of the kids in the tunnel.

If you’re going to Dragon Park, you might as well pack a few stale hot dog buns and swing on over to Centennial Park afterwards to feed the ducks and scare the birds.  And then be prepared to scrape poop off of tennis shoes before you get back into the car. 

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And now it’s summer.

It’s not truly summer until you’ve choked on a mouthful of chlorine.  Each kid did that at least a couple of times today, so we’re good to go!

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Baseball update.

Check it out.  Do you see a tee in these pictures?  No, you don’t.  Look at that concentration.  His batting skills have improved so much that he hits the ball every time it’s pitched to him.  No need to bring out the tee!  (His catching is a different story, but we’re working on one fundamental skill at a time.)  We couldn’t be prouder of Parker’s improvement this season.  The great part is, he really seems to be enjoying himself!

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Getting back to normal.

It has been 16 days since the flood, and those 16 days have been a blur.  Dave has been working non-stop trying to get the accounting system back up and running at his temporary office, which means that I have been playing single-parent at home and have been juggling photo sessions, baseball games, end-of-the-school-year celebrations, music programs, dentist appointments, and birthday parties.

Parker is now officially on summer break (Torin will be done on Friday).  He has done a pretty good job of entertaining himself this week without his sister (so far), and I love that I don’t have to constantly watch him like when he was little.  I did get a little curious this morning when he had been upstairs alone for about an hour, so I snuck up to see what he was doing.

I apologize to our family.  He was changing all of the Mii profiles on our Nintendo Wii.  The “Momma” character now has orange skin, extremely fat cheeks, yellow hair, and is about 7 ft. tall.  Torin has very dark brown skin, a mustache, and glasses.  He also altered all of the grandparents.  Apparently, he found it to be a very amusing little game.  And I support any task that’s going to keep him quiet and busy for a full hour by himself.

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