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We showered Aunt Kristen.

We are so excited to be getting a new little niece/cousin!  Torin has already made a list of games that she wants to play with the baby (due next month!).  I told Torin that Sabrina wouldn’t be able to sit up on her own when she’s born.  Here was how the conversation went:

Me:  “The baby will be very tiny and won’t even be able to sit up.”

Parker:  “Will she be able to sit down?”

I thought that was a fair question.

Here are a few pictures from Aunt Kristen’s baby shower.  She got a ton of great gifts!




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Good friends.

We had a going away dinner for my friend Caroline this week.  She is moving to Charlotte at the end of the month.  After looking through the pictures that I took, I was reminded again how blessed I am to have such a wonderful support group here.  I have known most of these girls for almost six years, and I love each and every one of them!


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A rose between two thorns.

Spring break ’09 is off to a wild start, my friends.  Torin and I started early this morning with church, then an Easter egg hunt, then the playground, then we came home and goofed off with the boys.  Cousin Dave is in town from Phoenix.  We snapped this picture in the backyard before the storm rolled in. 


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Cowboy meat.

A whole lot of my friends love to read The Pioneer Woman blog, and I have to admit, I’m also a big fan.  The gal who writes it reminds me a little of my mother.  Except my mom doesn’t cook.  And she didn’t homeschool us.  And she doesn’t know that much about photography.  And Mother doesn’t have a blog.  On second thought, they’re nothing alike.  (They both live with men who have to chop ice in the winter, so they do have that in common.)

Anyway, back to the cowboy meat.  Mrs. Pioneer has a ton of recipes on her blog, and one of them is for brisket.  I’ve never made a brisket before and was feeling a little adventurous this week, so I decided to give it a shot.  Parker and I made the marinade yesterday, and our brisket spent a relaxing evening soaking in the fridge. 

When I got the pan out to bake this morning, I had a quick question about the marinade, so I called my mother.

Bless her heart.

She started telling me the history of brisket.  It used to be a cheap part of meat that nobody wanted.  Then t.v. chefs started cooking brisket and it became all the rage, so now it’s more expensive because brisket is like a celebrity.  She proceeded to tell me that she has always been a fan of brisket, even before it was popular.  She also said that it is typically a fat cut of meat.  Or maybe she meant “phat.”

Ok then.  Parker and I are pretty much on our own.  We spooned the marinade over the brisket and then covered tightly with foil.


Everything was going well until we had an unfortunate incident involving the garbage disposal and the 1/4 cup.


Ah!  The finished masterpiece.  I had to cook it twice as long as I originally planned, but it tastes yummy.


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It was a balmy eight degrees at our house when we woke up this morning.  (And we woke up late, too.)  It was so cold that school was canceled, which meant the kids had to get out in the weather and run errands with me all day.  I think they would have been warmer at school!




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I see the moon and the moon gives me a headache.

Yesterday I mentioned the incessant talking and the relentless questions.  Today was no different.  The question that almost made my head explode today was asked just shortly after 1:30 p.m.  We were in the car driving home in broad daylight, and Torin looked out her window and saw the moon.  The moon!  During the day!  “Why, Mama, why is the moon out in the DAYTIME?!?  WHY?  That’s so silly!  Why, Mama?  Why can we see the moon?  Look – out my window – it’s the moon during the DAY!!!  WHY?!”  Oh dear Lord.  Please give me patience.  And for the love of Pete, please make the moon disappear during the day like it’s supposed to.

I’ve heard so much moon talk today that I had to go out and take a picture of it – at the appropriate time – right after dinner.


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Note to my neighbors.

Thank you to my sweet neighbors who called tonight as Dave was coming home (or trying to come home).  I appreciate the offers to let him park in your driveway.  Yes, our driveway is on an incline.  Yes, we have a dusting of snow on the ground.  Yes, he was outside for 10 minutes trying to make it up the hill and into the garage.  (Apparently everyone else on our street was watching this episode play out except me.)  Let me just remind you of two important facts: (1) He has rear wheel drive, and (2) He is from Phoenix, which means that snowflakes give him an adrenaline rush.  Bear with us.  It may be a long winter.

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