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Your camera lesson for today.

Today’s lesson will cover lens distortion, specifically, barrel distortion from a fisheye lens.  The phoenomenon occurs when the image magnification decreases with distance from the optical axis.  In other words, your son looks like a bug when he gets too close to the camera.

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My new look.

I got a haircut today.  Here’s a look at my new ‘do.  Thank you, Torin, for taking these pictures.

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Heaven in a bottle.

This showed up on my doorstep today… a case of the best Diet Cream Soda on the planet.  I lived on this stuff in law school.  Someone loves me very, very much!!!

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Doing the happy dance…

I came in third place in the Wild Sorbet contest for best studio display, which means I get a $100 credit for a new frame!  Woo-hoo!!!  You can view my entry here.  (My picture is the last one in that post.)

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Reminder: someone’s birthday is in October.

Since I am still a member of the Arizona State Bar, I continue to get all kinds of attorney-related emails (recent topics include: Advising employers on severance agreements; Drafting covenants not to compete and nonsolicitation agreements; HIPPA audits – what to do when HHS has you in its crosshairs; Landlord-tenant disputes in commercial leasing… don’t those all sound like wildly exciting topics??!?).  Anyway, the most recent email was advertising a special “attorney chair.”  I think it would also work great as a “photographer chair” and since my birthday is coming up…

I’m pretty sure that for $1199, the chair must also bring me a Diet Coke, rub my feet, respond to emails, and automatically edit the pictures for me.  I bet there’s a built-in iPod, too.

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Disney on Ice.

Mimi came down this weekend and took us to Disney on Ice.  PaPa wasn’t able to make it, and they had gotten four tickets, so that meant I was forced (I mean, was lucky enough) to go along.  As with all Disney shows that I’ve ever been to, the costumes and the choreography were stunning.  The people at Disney sure know how to put on a good show!  (And they sure know how to sell overpriced souvenirs.)

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