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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Calgon, take them away.

This comes from a Children’s Hospital magazine:

“Three-year-olds are more aware of their world than 2-year-olds, and less malleable.  They’ve learned the rules; now they’re breaking them on purpose, watching closely to see how you’ll react.  Seeing their power over mom and dad is intoxicating, but their actions are also driven by simple curiosity.”

Uh, yeah.  Three is the new two.  If two is “terrible,” three is a nightmare.  Or at least it can be at our house.  Parker is the King of Whining, and it’s about to drive me insane.  When I just can’t take it any longer, I stick the kids in the one place where they never fight – the bathtub.  For some unexplained reason, they play so nicely together in the tub.  They even… (wait for it, it’s a shocker…) SHARE THE TOYS (gasp!).  Tonight, after they had been in the tub for 40 minutes or so, I finally asked Dave how long he thought it was appropriate to leave them in there.  He said, “Oh, when you’re at your Bible Study, I leave them in there for an hour.  They come out all wrinkled like prunes, but at least they have fun.  And it makes them tired.”  Perfect.


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Just ignore the fact that it’s 29 degrees outside.

The bathing suits that I ordered for the kids came in the mail today.  Good thing, too, because we were getting a little bored with all the snow.  Seemed like a perfect time to dance around in bathing suits.  Torin tried hers on first.  (I think she may be the only female in the country who actually likes trying on suits.)  We had a slight problem with her two-piece.  The bottoms kept falling down.  Come to think of it, that’s not a slight problem, it’s a HUGE problem.  Her waist is just too small to hold them up.  (Yes.  I just said her waist is too tiny to hold up the bikini.  Again… switched at birth???)



The one-piece fit her much better.


Parker got a new suit, too.  His has MEAN SHARKS all over it.  Don’t mess with him on the beach.


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And now you know.

While Torin was getting dressed this morning, Parker grabbed one of her books off of her dresser and sat down on the floor.

Me:  “Whatcha reading?”

Parker:  “Torin’s Bible.”

Me:  “What’s the Bible story about?”

Parker:  “Madame and Eve.”


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I wish I had her problem.

Sometimes I wonder if she’s really my daughter or if she was switched at birth.  Take today, for example.  She flunked her 5-year checkup at the doctor’s office because she doesn’t weigh enough.  Since her 4-year checkup, she has grown three inches taller, but she has only gained one pound (I, on the other hand, have gained one pound since last week).  She is starting to slide off of the weight chart again, so we have to go back for another weight check in six weeks.  In the meantime, we’re going to try some reflux medicine.  If she’s just naturally tall and thin, then that’s great (and I’m super jealous), but the doctor wants to make sure there’s no medical reason for her to be eating like a bird.

She also had to get one more shot for kindergarten.  When the nurse gave it to her (in the thigh), she yelled “OUCH!” and gave the nurse the dirtiest, nastiest look she could come up with.  Parker started crying.  Two kids.  Two vastly different personalities.  A day at the doctor’s office is always fun.


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It’s the weekend… hand over the take-out menu.

I don’t cook on the weekends.  I spend my time driving to photo sessions, taking pictures, driving home from photo sessions, and editing hundreds of photos on my computer.  Then there’s church on Sunday followed by (you guessed it) more photo sessions.  What does that mean for the rest of my family?  PIZZA.  I have lived in Illinois, Missouri, Washington, D.C., Arizona, and now Tennessee, so I consider myself an expert on pizza around the country.  Strangely enough, some of the best pizza can be found in the small town of Carbondale, Illinois – try Italian Village or Pagliai’s.  But I’ve finally settled on my favorite pizza here in Nashville – Pie in the Sky.  (Dave will tell you that he likes Costco pizza the best – but don’t be fooled – he can put away the Pie in the Sky just as well as the rest of us.)


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Just like Best Buy, only more comfortable.

Here is a shot of our playroom.  You can see that both boys have their own big screen t.v.’s.  This enables Dave to play Xbox while Parker plays the bicycle game or watches cartoons.  Or you can put both televisions on the same channel during football and feel just like you’re at Best Buy or Circuit City.  As you can tell, we’re a very practical family.


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