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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Thanks, MeMe!

While Daddy partied it up in Vegas last weekend with Uncle David, MeMe came to help me entertain the troops here at home.  She helped Parker catch bugs for his bug cage, taught Torin how to read, introduced both kids to greasy fair food and the Tilt-a-Whirl, made a new tablecloth for my office, and did all my laundry.  We will definitely invite her back.  (And hope that PaPa’s not sick next time so he can come too!) 

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Tuesday before school.

We had a few minutes before school on Tuesday, and since the teachers would fall over dead from shock if we didn’t come screeching in on two wheels at the last minute, we decided to hang around and take a few pictures first.

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It’s a good thing I like the beach.

Parker just informed me that he wants to be a scuba diver when he grows up, like the guy who snatched up Nemo in the movie.  I asked him if he thought he could support a family on a scuba diver’s salary, and he confidently told me “uh-huh, yes.”

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For the record.

Torin sleeps through earthquakes.  Parker definitely does not.  The rumbling and sudden jolt at 4:30 this morning sent him straight into the middle of our bed.

You would think that a king mattress would be big enough for two adults and a small 3-year-old, but not when the 3-year-old sleeps like this:

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Way-back Wednesday.

Since I feel the need to post but I’m too busy to take a picture of the kids (I’m too busy taking pictures of other people’s kids) I had to go pull something from the old files for today.  I found this little photo, taken exactly six years ago.

And then I found this one from eight years ago. 

I’ll be back this weekend with pictures of the kids you really want to see.  I promise.

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