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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Summer is almost over.

Today was a sad, sad day for the kids.  It was Savannah’s last day to play with them for the summer.  Savannah is going to be in the 6th grade this fall, and she has spent several days with us over the past few months “babysitting” the kids up in the playroom while I work in my office.  She is worth her weight in gold!  If her parents would let me adopt her, I would.  :)  I promised the kids that she could come back sometime over the next school break, and they’re already counting the days!

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What we did on our summer vacation.

We just got back from Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Here’s a quick rundown.

We played in the sand.

We completely wrecked our diets.

We held some fierce Rock, Paper, Scissors competitions while waiting at restaurants.

We caught lots of jellyfish.

We played in the ocean.

We walked the beach.

We picked out a nice new yacht for Mama at the wharf.

We completely wore MeMe and PaPa out.

And we took some family pictures on the beach while Hurricane Dolly circled the sky out in the distance and the double red flags on the beach whipped in the wind.

More pictures are on the photography blog.  Click here.

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VBS week.

This is our neighbor, Sam.

Sam has gone to VBS with the kids every day this week, which has provided me with five very entertaining roundtrip drives to church.

Here’s just one example of the many conversations that I overheard:

Torin:  “Mama, when I grow up, I’m going to marry Sam.  OK, SAM?  [Turning around and shouting to the backseat.]  I’M GOING TO MARRY YOU.  WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Sam:  “Oh yeah.”

Parker:  “I want to marry Sam, too.”

Me:  “NO, Parker, you have to marry a girl.”

Torin:  “Parker, you CAN’T marry Sam because I’M going to marry Sam.  SAM, I SAID I’M GOING TO MARRY YOU.”

Sam:  “Ok, I’ll try to remember that.”

I hope Sam likes being bossed around.

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Barry Bonds’ record isn’t in jeopardy… yet.

It started when Grandpa Bob bought Parker a whiffle ball and bat.  Then we had to buy a tee.  And another bat for Torin.  And some extra balls for when Dave hits them into the woods.  Now the kids want to play baseball every night.  Parker loses interest pretty quickly.  Torin, on the other hand, is really getting into it. And you can’t really tell from the picture, but her swing is fierce.  Maybe she’ll take after me and be the star of her middle school softball team!

(My parents probably just spit coffee on their screens from reading that last sentence.)

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The 4th of July, Tennessee style.

It’s the 4th of July.  It’s late.  And I’m still up because even though Parker made it through the fireworks just fine, it is now lightening, and he’s scared to death of lightening.

We went to Crockett Park this year with some friends for an evening of live music, disco dancing, glow sticks, ring pops, fireworks, and patriotic music (think: God Bless the USA, The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and the crowd’s favorite – Rocky Top.  After five years here, that song is really growing on me.)  Here are my favorite pictures from tonight:

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