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Monthly Archives: September 2008

We bought a mum. We bought a pumpkin. Now it’s fall.

Parker and I made a little trip out to Lowe’s today and we were enamored with all of the beautiful mums.  I love the way they look, but I’ve never been able to keep one alive for more than two weeks.  We came home with one yellow one.  I’m hoping that it will last until October (six more days).  I figured it was best to start with a small goal.

We also came home with two big pumpkins that will serve to hide the dead mum that we’ll have on our porch in a couple of weeks.  The kids have already scribbled (whoops, I mean beautifully decorated) them.

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Sunday update.

Torin is feeling much better today, but her lip is still pretty swollen.  She managed to go to church this morning and even told me that she was still able to sing in her Kids Praise class with a puffy lip.

Dave’s parents are visiting this weekend.  They live in Denver in the summer and Phoenix in the winter.  Grandpa and Grandma plan on renting a car this week and visiting some other friends in North Carolina while they’re in the neighborhood (that is, if the rental car place has any gas!).

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Thank goodness this week is about over.

We spent Friday night in the ER at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, which I’ve decided is way worse than having a flat tire.  (Sorry I even complained about that.  I would much rather spend 2 hours along the side of the road than sit for 7 hours in the hospital with a wounded child, which is exactly what we did last night.)

Dave’s parents arrived around 4:30 p.m. last night.  They flew in from Denver to visit for the week.  About 5:00 p.m., Torin decided to take her box of marbles upstairs so she and Grandma could play with them.  She made it up about 4 stairs and then tripped (which just shows that she gets her gracefulness from me).  We’re not sure what she busted her lip on, but suffice it to say we had a bloodbath right there on our hardwood floor (I’m trying to spare you all of the really gory details).  We decided that we should take her to the hospital and have them take a look, so Dave and I got in the ONE vehicle that we own that currently has gas (yeah, in case you didn’t watch CNN, let me tell you – there is no gasoline in Nashville) and we headed off to Vanderbilt.  The good news is, since no one has gas, traffic was pretty light for a Friday night.

We arrived at the ER around 5:30 p.m.  She was taken back to her room at 7:30 p.m.  They started the I.V. at 9:30 p.m., and we were finally discharged around midnight and went home with three brand new stitches in her mouth.  (Since she’s five, they decided to knock her out with an I.V. before they stitched her up.  She received a pretty good dose of Ketamine, which my doctor friend Scott tells me is a cousin to PCP and is a popular drug at raves.  Watching her come out from the effects of the drug was the funniest and scariest thing I have ever watched.)

Of course I had my camera with me because I was supposed to be doing a photo session instead of hanging out at the ER.  Here are a couple of pictures from our very long night.

She did NOT like the I.V. in her arm, but she did think that the little pulse monitor on her finger was pretty cool.  It glowed red.  (And yes, Daddy’s E.T. jokes went completely over her head.)

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s got the fattest lip of them all…  She’s feeling much better this morning.

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Reminder: someone’s birthday is in October.

Since I am still a member of the Arizona State Bar, I continue to get all kinds of attorney-related emails (recent topics include: Advising employers on severance agreements; Drafting covenants not to compete and nonsolicitation agreements; HIPPA audits – what to do when HHS has you in its crosshairs; Landlord-tenant disputes in commercial leasing… don’t those all sound like wildly exciting topics??!?).  Anyway, the most recent email was advertising a special “attorney chair.”  I think it would also work great as a “photographer chair” and since my birthday is coming up…

I’m pretty sure that for $1199, the chair must also bring me a Diet Coke, rub my feet, respond to emails, and automatically edit the pictures for me.  I bet there’s a built-in iPod, too.

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Life happens.

Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful weather.  But the rest of the day has been pretty crappy.  I wasn’t supposed to have a photo session this morning because I didn’t have a babysitter for Parker, but it was so gorgeous outside that I convinced P to let me drop him off at the drop-in childcare place so I could go take pictures for an hour.  Well, my two-year-old client decided that he was in no mood for pictures, so we had to cut his session short, and I even refunded their session fee (that’s the first time that I’ve ever had to do that).  Then I picked up the boy, paid the childcare place, and we headed down to Hobby Lobby to get a frame assembled that one of my clients had ordered.  Get this.  The guy at Hobby Lobby broke the corner of the frame off while he was putting the back on… no kidding.  So now I have to go back to the frame company and see if they can give me a deal on a new one.  After Hobby Lobby, we had to run to Costco for a few things.  I figured we would pick up a piece of pizza for lunch on the way out (it was almost noon by this time).  You guessed it, the food service at Costco was closed for remodeling.

After we finished running all of our errands, Parker and I were both starving and I really had to go to the bathroom.  However, I decided I’d rather hold it until I got home than drag him into a public restroom.  And the ONE time in my life that I fought the urge to drive through a fast-food restaurant… we started on the ramp to the interstate and got a FLAT TIRE.  There we were.  Tired and hungry, with no food in the car.  Stuck on the interstate ramp.  And I had to pee.

I searched that vehicle up and down for an old baggie of Cheerios or a stale goldfish.  I found nothin’.

Parker and I would first like to thank USAA for their roadside assistance program.  We would also like to thank the five total strangers who stopped to check on us during the 90 minutes that we were watiing for the roadside assistance to show up.  Finally, we would like to thank the people who make Pez candy, for without it in my camera bag, we would have wasted away.

Tomorrow will be better, right?  Otherwise, I’m just going to stay in bed.


Parker couldn’t wait to tell Torin all about our flat tire when she got off the bus this afternoon.  As soon has he told the story about our flat tire, Torin said, “Well, GUESS WHAT… the FIRE TRUCK came to our school and we had to stay outside all morning and we were so good that Miss Pullen gave us each THREE PENNIES when we got back inside!!!”

The fire truck beats the tow truck, so I think Torin wins.

(Note: I verified Torin’s story with another parent, and it was accurate.  Apparently there was a brush fire behind Torin’s school this morning and the school’s ventilation system was sucking all the smoke in, so the fire alarms went off and the kids did indeed spend the morning outside sitting on the ground.)

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Disney on Ice.

Mimi came down this weekend and took us to Disney on Ice.  PaPa wasn’t able to make it, and they had gotten four tickets, so that meant I was forced (I mean, was lucky enough) to go along.  As with all Disney shows that I’ve ever been to, the costumes and the choreography were stunning.  The people at Disney sure know how to put on a good show!  (And they sure know how to sell overpriced souvenirs.)

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BIG changes.

So you’ve noticed the new blog design by now…  There were a couple of reasons for the change.  First of all, let’s face it, our kids are cute.  I wanted everyone to be able to see the pictures BIGGER and in all their glory.  Second, I am nearing (gulp!) my mid-thirties, and suffice it to say my eyesight ain’t what it used to be.  I am sitting so close to my computer that sometimes I can see my breath on the screen.  Get my eyes checked, you say?  Nah.  No time for that.  This works much better.  Now I can actually see the pictures that I’m posting.

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