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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I had good intentions.

I meant well.  I really did.  But in my attempt to create a long-lasting fun family memory for my kids, I had a brief lapse of judgement.  I thought it would be a good idea to take my 5-year-old and my 4-year-old out late at night past their bedtime to walk around the zoo in their Halloween costumes in 40-degree weather.  Uh-huh.  We paid money to do it, too.  It really would have been a fun time if we hadn’t been so cold.  Our zoo had a big Halloween party after dark with a Monster Mash dance floor and a Scary-go-Round for the kids.  Torin and Parker would have loved it if it had been during the day and warmer outside (but I guess that would defeat the purpose of it being dark and spooky).

See their frozen cheeks and their tired eyes and their fake smiles?  They’re having a blast!

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The yoga move.

Parker will now demonstrate his yoga move that keeps him limber…. scroll down to the second photo.  He’s so talented.

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Pumpkin Patch.

MeMe and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch in Nolensville this morning.  Of course that was after  we went shoe shopping in Cool Springs and antique hunting in Franklin.  Needless to say, we were worn out by the time we got home.  (Did I mention we were driving the Jeep?  Ever try to get two kids buckled in the backseat of a Jeep?  You have to fold your body over the back of the front seat with the middle console poking your gut – then you have to scream “HOLD STILL!” while you flip upside down and pull the belt and grab the buckle – praying the whole time that you will hear the “click” before you throw up from being in such a contorted position.  Let’s just say I’m not a fan of MeMe’sJeep.  And we made about five stops, so I had to do this five times.)

Despite the Jeep experience, I had a lot of fun today.  I LOVE FALL!  Here are some highlights from the patch.  There are more photos on my photography blog.

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The bat and the beauty.

Don’t have time to write much… just wanted to post a couple of recent photos.  Torin is learning all about bats in science class, so I picked up a couple of bats that I found for Halloween.  My living room now has three scarecrows, two bats, one spider (plus a huge spider web), and one witch.  I love this time of year!

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I have the best friends EVER.

Parker and I found a super surprise in our mailbox today.  My friend, Kris, send me an early birthday present from Broken Road Farms.  We got us some red velvet macaroons and some peanut butter cookie cup things.  OH MY STARS.  I think I just added another roll to my midsection.  And in case you’re wondering about Parker… I’m off to hear Denise Jackson speak at our church, so Dave will be in charge of him right about the time he crashes from his sugar rush (oh yeah, then there’s the Starbucks…).  Good luck, honey.

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Doing the happy dance…

I came in third place in the Wild Sorbet contest for best studio display, which means I get a $100 credit for a new frame!  Woo-hoo!!!  You can view my entry here.  (My picture is the last one in that post.)

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