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Monthly Archives: November 2008

My new look.

I got a haircut today.  Here’s a look at my new ‘do.  Thank you, Torin, for taking these pictures.

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Thanksgiving in Mt. Vernon.

The kids and I spent a few days in Illinois this week.  We came back on Thursday because I had plans to be at Belk’s at 5:00 a.m. on Friday.  I love Black Friday.  It’s just me, my mother, and a few thousand other people who haven’t showered.  I mean, who doesn’t love standing in line for 45 minutes to get a half-priced bottle of body lotion?  I thought about waking Torin up so she could experience the thrill, but I decided to let her sleep.  Maybe next year she can join in the fun.

Here are some pictures of our family from this week!

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The Thanksgiving Program.

Torin had her first school music program tonight.  It featured kindergartners only, and the gym was PACKED with parents.  Torin looked sharp as ever in her turkey headband and sang her little heart out.  She told Dave and me before we left that she did NOT want us to clap at the end, because that would be way too embarrassing.  So of course we did not applaud.  Instead, Dave did the Arsenio Hall elbow pump and yelled “WOO-WOO-WOO!”  (I bet next time she asks us to clap.)

The best part about the whole program?  The entire thing lasted only 15 minutes.  I LOVE our music teacher!!!

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Downtown in the freezing cold.

Even though it was around 35 degrees outside this morning, we decided to take the kids for a brisk walk around the downtown portion of our beautiful city.  Out of the three major cities that I have lived in, Nashville has the best downtown by far.  Unfortunately, I don’t get to hang out there as often as I might like, so today was fun.  Cold, but fun.  Here are a couple of pictures of Torin jumping off the steps of the Schermerhorn and then taking a break on the pedestrian bridge.

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Nursery Rhyme Parade

Oh my goodness, where are the grandmas when we need them???  Torin was supposed to dress up as a nursery rhyme character in today’s kindergarten parade.  I am so NOT CREATIVE in the costume department.  And I just got a note from the music teacher that said Torin was supposed to dress up as either a vegetable, a flower, or a worm for the Thanksgiving musical next week.  Sheesh.  If you have any suggestions for that, pass them on.

Back to the nursery rhyme parade… basically the kindergartners walked around the halls of the school while the older grades sat out in the hallway pointing and giggling at them.  Then there were the swarms of parents who followed the parade with their cameras like the paparazzi.  Here’s the flash of Torin that we saw as she whizzed by.  Can you guess who she’s supposed to be?  I’ll give you a hint – she’s carrying a watering can and wearing garden gloves… and she’s looking quite contrary.  (And I don’t know who took that fuzzy picture.  I’m certainly not going to own up to it.)

After the parade, the kindergartners had a nice little reception in the cafeteria.  Once again, all the parents showed up with their cameras and crashed the party.

While the kids were eating in the cafeteria, Parker and I snuck out to Torin’s classroom to see all of the projects that the kids had done last week.  Note to Torin and Daddy: nice job on the train store!

Hope this kid doesn’t mind that we rearranged his project just a tad.

One last picture here of Mr. Red Cheeks.  Can you see the rash on his face?  He has Fifth Disease.  Yes, just another lovely item that Torin brought home from kindergarten for us!

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Our first assignments.

We sailed right through the first 12 weeks of kindergarten and thought we’d gotten the hang of the whole school thing… then November came.  Now all of a sudden we’ve got projects to build and reading folders to complete and costumes to make.  Daddy helped Torin tackle her first big project – she had to make a store that started with the first letter of her name.  The train store was her idea. 

So far, Parker hasn’t had any homework in Pre-K.  Here’s a picture of our boy.  (By the way, the left corner of his mouth is fine.  That’s just chocolate.)

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Goofy girls.

Torin did not have school on election day, and since I knew I would be at home processing orders from clients and would not have time to entertain her, I told her she could invite a friend over for a few hours.  She invited her best friend from kindergarten who happens to live right around the street from us.  The two girls giggled and played and pestered Parker all morning.  Torin is already asking if she can have a sleepover… apparently there are a few kids in her class who have already had sleepovers.  (I told her she had to be seven, but now I really wish I would have said seventeen.)

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