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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Cowboy meat.

A whole lot of my friends love to read The Pioneer Woman blog, and I have to admit, I’m also a big fan.  The gal who writes it reminds me a little of my mother.  Except my mom doesn’t cook.  And she didn’t homeschool us.  And she doesn’t know that much about photography.  And Mother doesn’t have a blog.  On second thought, they’re nothing alike.  (They both live with men who have to chop ice in the winter, so they do have that in common.)

Anyway, back to the cowboy meat.  Mrs. Pioneer has a ton of recipes on her blog, and one of them is for brisket.  I’ve never made a brisket before and was feeling a little adventurous this week, so I decided to give it a shot.  Parker and I made the marinade yesterday, and our brisket spent a relaxing evening soaking in the fridge. 

When I got the pan out to bake this morning, I had a quick question about the marinade, so I called my mother.

Bless her heart.

She started telling me the history of brisket.  It used to be a cheap part of meat that nobody wanted.  Then t.v. chefs started cooking brisket and it became all the rage, so now it’s more expensive because brisket is like a celebrity.  She proceeded to tell me that she has always been a fan of brisket, even before it was popular.  She also said that it is typically a fat cut of meat.  Or maybe she meant “phat.”

Ok then.  Parker and I are pretty much on our own.  We spooned the marinade over the brisket and then covered tightly with foil.


Everything was going well until we had an unfortunate incident involving the garbage disposal and the 1/4 cup.


Ah!  The finished masterpiece.  I had to cook it twice as long as I originally planned, but it tastes yummy.


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Great-Granny T.

To celebrate the 100th day of school, all of the kindergartners were supposed to dress like they were 100-years-old today.  This 100-year-old likes to dance, eat PBJ sandwiches, and wrestle her brother.


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We have started work on our basement.  Here are the official “before” pictures.  It may be a while until you see the “after” pictures, because we’re not in a huge rush, we just wanted to get started.  Eventually we hope to have a man cave, a kid cave, a photography office, and a media room.  Oh, and a BATHROOM.  Torin specifically said she wants a bathroom.

The big deal today is that we now have heat!  We had to get a new unit for the basement (why do those things have to be so expensive?).  The HVAC guys just left, so Parker and I went downstairs to feel the warmth.




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It has started.

I’m not ready for this.  Torin got her first phone call from a friend after school today.  Sure, she talks to grandparents on the phone all the time, but this was different.  She giggled.  She paced.  She rolled her eyes.  She was acting like she was sixteen.  She’s not even six.  I finally cut her off and made her tell her friend “I have to go.  My mom says I have to do my homework.”  And then I paced.  And rolled my eyes.  And got a tiny little glimpse of the future.


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The kids got some new bath toys for Christmas, so we let them play in the big tub tonight.  After I had washed them with my body wash (it was handy), they decided that they really wanted the jets turned on, so I cranked the jets on and left to go finish editing my newborn session from this morning.  About 5 minutes later, I heard Torin yell “MAMA!  THERE’S TOO MANY BUBBLES!!!”  Then I heard Dave peek in and go “OH MY GOSH.”  Who knew that the creamy body wash I buy from Publix explodes into a mountain of bubble foam when it runs through the jacuzzi jets?  I won’t make that mistake again.

This picture was taken after we drained the water. 


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It was a balmy eight degrees at our house when we woke up this morning.  (And we woke up late, too.)  It was so cold that school was canceled, which meant the kids had to get out in the weather and run errands with me all day.  I think they would have been warmer at school!




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Early birthday present.

Here’s what happened.  First of all, let me say that I do not necessarily condone a kindergartner having a t.v. in her bedroom.  HOWEVER.  We had an old t.v. that Dave hooked up in Parker’s bedroom when we first moved into the house, so for the past 2.5 years, every bedroom except Torin’s has had a t.v.  This did not go unnoticed by her.  Oh nooooo.  For quite a while now she has lobbied unsuccessfully for Dave and me to buy her a t.v., so this past week, she took matters into her own hands and starting pleading her case to our little unsuspecting neighbor boy, Sam, who is in her class.  Sam’s mom told me that she overheard him talking to his grandmother on the phone, and he told her that he was saving his tooth fairy money and his allowance to buy Torin a t.v. for her bedroom.  Oh yeah.  Torin convinced Sam to save his allowance to buy her a t.v.  The girl’s good.

When MeMe and PaPa heard this story, they knew immediately what they wanted to get Torin for her birthday.  And since they were in town a few days ago, they decided to give her the present early.  I’m not sure if MeMe and PaPa bought it because they felt sorry for Torin being the only person in the house without a t.v. or if they felt sorry for Sam having to save his money for his neighbor, but either way, Torin loved her gift.  Now Sam is free to save up his cash for something else, like a Blu-ray player for us.



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