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Monthly Archives: February 2009

We’re all about healthy snacks.

Torin had her 6-year well exam at the doctor’s office this morning.  She passed with flying colors – weight was good, height was good, hearing and vision were excellent, blood test came back normal… and since everyone was so well-behaved and patient at the doctor’s office, we decided to give ourselves a treat and run by Krispy Kreme afterwards.



Then when we got home, I decided I’d better go through some of the paperwork that we got from the doctor before I filed it in the trash can.  I found a handout from the doctor and a shiny pamphlet from the nurse, and these two things immediately caught my attention:




Lovely.  I wonder if the psychologist who wrote that actually has kids of his own?  I’m guessing not.  Donuts make us happy, and when my children crash from the sugar rush, they take great naps.  Regular glazed, anyone?  Come on over.  We’ve got plenty.  And there are Girl Scout cookies in the pantry for when the donuts are gone.


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Equal time.

It’s a good thing we’re finishing our basement, because I’m going to need more wall space to hang all of the pictures that I took this weekend!  Parker was certainly not left out.  He got his chance to pose for me on Sunday. 



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Torin, age 6.

Yeah, I know I’ve already posted all of these to facebook, but for the two of you who read this blog and are not on facebook (you know who you are), I wanted to show you pictures from Torin’s photo session this morning.  :)  Thank goodness for 60 degree weather.  I was thrilled to get her outside in February!





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One one hand, it seems like the last six years have whizzed by.  On the other hand, sometimes I can barely remember what life was like without her.  Torin had a pajama party tonight to celebrate her birthday (which isn’t officially until  Sunday).  We had nine kindergarten girls here plus one very grouchy preschool boy.  They ate pizza, inhaled their cupcakes, danced to some princess tunes, and got their toenails painted.  And everyone wore their jammies!



While the ladies were upstairs dancing…


Parker was enjoying a peaceful dinner by candlelight.


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