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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Backyard friends.

I found this nest underneath our deck.  Is it for wasps?  Or bumblebees?  All I know is, I don’t like it one bit.  This thing has got to go.


I actually like this guy.  I wish he would bring more friends around.


I like this guy, too.


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It was a zoo.

Today I helped chaperone Torin’s class on their field trip to the zoo.  And once again I was reminded why the Lord did not call me to be a kindergarten teacher.


Here are some of the animals that we saw.  Whatever those things are in the lower right corner… they were creepy.


These are the two girls that I was assigned to be responsible for.  Thank goodness they both had red hair.  It was easy to keep track of them.


Reading the map…


Torin tried so hard to work up the nerve to hold a caterpillar.  Everyone else was doing it.  She was just too squeamish.


She was ok for it to climb onto her shoe.  BUT THEN… THE HORROR OF HORRORS…


It started climbing up her LEG!!!  Oh, the high-pitch SCREAMING that followed!!!  I’m sure the southern half of the zoo thought someone had fallen into the lion pit.  We are very thankful for her partner, who saved Torin’s life by lifting the bug off of her shin.  (And that is exactly why it’s always important to stick with a buddy.)


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Last weekend.

Thank you to Grandpa & Grandma Thomas who visited last weekend and spent countless hours playing Legos and helping us clean the basement.  Here is a picture of the city that Parker and Grandma spent all morning making.  :)


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To nap or not to nap, that is the question.

Parker has reached a very difficult transition period of life.  He’s four-years-old, and he has almost outgrown his naps.  Almost.  He’s at that stage where usually he needs a nap, but sometimes he’s fine without one, and he really doesn’t want one, but sometimes he needs one.  We’ve been skipping naps lately, which means I often find him on the couch at 5:00 p.m. like this:


Like I said, sometimes he needs a nap.


Hello?  Parker?


It appears that he is still with us.


Yeah, he’s definitely breathing.


But let’s poke him in the nose to make absolutely sure.


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Downtown Franklin & the Torin Cam.

I’ve been in Franklin a LOT lately on photo shoots, and I always seem to pass by Puckett’s.  There are always people eating inside, and their food always looks so good.  After secretly lusting after their onion rings for several weeks now, I finally got to go tonight and taste them.  And the sweet potato french fries.  And the hamburgers.  And the chicken fingers.  Mama liked it, Daddy liked it, the kids liked it.  And best of all, Torin brought her camera and documented every minute of the evening. 

Torin took this picture of the grocery food and the unsuspecting women who sat behind us.



After we had supper, we had to make one more stop.  You know, we just HAD to.



And here is a collection of photos that I downloaded from T’s computer once we got home.  She captured the ceiling, the posters on the walls, the empty ice cream cartons behind the counter, the advertisements…  that girl missed nothin’.


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Parker and I had a little impromptu Easter egg hunt in the backyard when he got home from school today.  It’s hard to believe that in about 3 weeks, all of the leaves will be filled in and we won’t be able to see through the woods anymore.


And how’s the basement coming along?  Let’s just say that the only way I can deal with THIS:


Is to have one or two (or four) of THESE:


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A rose between two thorns.

Spring break ’09 is off to a wild start, my friends.  Torin and I started early this morning with church, then an Easter egg hunt, then the playground, then we came home and goofed off with the boys.  Cousin Dave is in town from Phoenix.  We snapped this picture in the backyard before the storm rolled in. 


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