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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Not a baby anymore…

Torin lost her first baby tooth this afternoon at the ripe old age of 6.  It was hanging on by a thread during lunchtime, so in carrying on the matriarchal tradition in my family, I gripped the little sucker with a Kleenex and yanked it out.  My mother was fabulous at the “grip and yank” move, and she would perform it anywhere – church parking lots, school gymnasiums, tractor pulls (just ask my cousin)…  Dave was a little squeamish about the whole thing and reminded us all that there’s a reason he went into accounting instead of dentistry.  The tooth fairy will make her big appearance tonight – and we finally get to use the adorable monogrammed tooth fairy pillow that I got from a friend last year! 


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St. Louis Zoo & the Arch.

We extended our Memorial Day holiday for a couple more days so we could go to the St. Louis zoo and the Arch!  Here are the kids in front of the zebras… both of my kids are appropriately dressed in stripes.


Standing at the base of the Arch.  You can’t see it in this picture, but there are tiny windows at the top.


The kids are at the very top of the Arch here.




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Memorial Day in my hometown.

The flag pictures were taken on the lawn of the courthouse in Mt. Vernon.  Torin liked the courthouse… I told her that I used to work there and she thought that was kinda cool, but even cooler was the fact that there’s a REAL JAIL in the basement!!!  She begged to go see the bad guys.  (Should I be worried about that?)



These were taken on the campus of my high school.  We did this on the spur-of-the-moment.  She really should be dressed in black & orange.


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All in a day’s work.

The kids and I are in Mt. Vernon now, and all of these pictures were taken yesterday.  Here’s how to wear out a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a 33-year-old.  Start by going to a small town strawberry festival in 85 degree humid heat and race back and forth between two big bouncy things.  Then go stand in the hot sun and shell corn.  Then head back to the house and gather up as many turtles as you can find and try to get them to race.  Then chase the dog for 20 minutes.  Then shuck corn for supper.  Then go fishing.  Then pick ticks off of each other.  Then take baths and fall into bed exhausted.






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Memorial Day weekend.

The kids and I are in Illinois for Memorial Day weekend.  Our first stop was at Grandpa Bob’s house, where we broke the neighbor’s fence and scared the puddin’ out of Grandma’s dog.  We capped off the day with a swing through Carbondale for some Italian Village pizza and ice cream (and I sure wished I had my stretchy pants to change into, because Mama can pack away the pizza!).



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Last day of kindergarten.

Today was the Kindergarten Celebration at Torin’s school.  I have to say once again that I love our music teacher.  She keeps these programs short and sweet.  The Thanksgiving program was still my favorite (it lasted exactly 10 minutes), but this one was pretty good, too (I clocked it at 33 minutes).  I can only sit in a folding chair and listen to 6-year-olds singing for so long.


After the big program in the gym, everyone trotted back to their homerooms.  Torin received the Diva Award in her class for being the best dressed, which I thought was a little funny.  GO GIRL!


Once the classroom awards were handed out, we hit Mellow Mushroom for a mother/daughter lunch and then spent an hour shopping in downtown Franklin.


Her favorite part… cookies at Merridee’s!!!



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