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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Our summer vacation.

How much can you cram into a 36-hour time period?  A LOT.  And I’m not even sure we were there a full 36 hours.  We took the kids to Chattanooga this weekend.  It’s much closer than I thought – it took less than two hours to get there – so that was a huge plus.  On Saturday, we went to the Aquarium, then splashed around in the fountains downtown, then ate pizza, then splashed some more, then got Ben & Jerry’s, then walked to our hotel and jumped on the beds, throwing caution to the wind.


On Sunday, we went to the museum, and it was GREAT – apparently nobody goes to the museum on a Sunday morning (especially Father’s Day), so we had the place to ourselves.  The kids dug for dinosaur bones, dressed up like the Curious George characters, played with all kinds of pulleys and simple machines, and had a blast.  There are still several things that I want to do in Chattanooga someday (like Ruby Falls and Rock City), but the heat was so suffocating that the outdoor stuff had to wait!


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A HUGE milestone!

We finally decided to get serious about swimming lessons this summer.  We should have done this last summer, but at least we’re better late than never.  A week ago this time, both kids were petrified of going under in the water.  However, after just three lessons with a private instructor, look what they can do!  Parker can now hold his breath and go under water without screaming like a girl.


Whoops.  They were supposed to go under at the same time, but someone chickened out.


There we go.


Yay, Parker!


And are you ready to see what Torin can do?


She can actually swim!






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Just for fun.

Sometimes Dave doesn’t even see it coming.  This probably won’t be quite so funny when Parker’s 12.



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We went to the lake. At least I think there was a lake.

We took a little road trip to Kentucky Lake on Sunday afternoon to meet up with my cousins from St. Louis.  They have a really nice fishing boat and invited the kids to go on a boat ride.  Of course we played it up during the two-hour car ride and convinced Torin and Parker that it was going to be so much fun!  Then we got there.  And heard the bad news.  Someone forgot the keys to the boat.  (I won’t name names, but it was STEVE.)  So instead of going for a boat ride, the kids played with a dead turtle and chased each other around the campsite for a couple hours.  It was great to see them again, even though we never actually made it out onto the lake!  (But seriously, next time I want a ride either in the boat or the Porsche.  I’m not picky.)


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No batter nobatter nobatternobatter…

We went to a Sounds baseball game tonight.  Of course it’s been sunny and in the 70′s/80′s all week long and tonight it was 60 and rainy and COLD.  We lasted until the middle of the 2nd inning.  But man, we had fun in the 26 minutes that we were there.  Here are a few from the cell phone cameras:


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