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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Torin’s BIG accomplishment.

Torin came home this week with HUGE blisters and sores on her little hands.  When I asked her how on earth her hands ended up in such a painful state, she told me that she had been practicing all week on the monkey bars.  This morning when she woke up, she insisted that I take her to the playground at school… she just knew that she could make it all the way across this time.  TODAY WAS THE DAY.  She could feel it.  So.  After rest time today, we snuck over to the school.  She started off strong.


But this was as far as she made it the first few times.  After three unsuccessful attempts, she was pretty depressed.


So she decided to take a break and clear her head.


Refusing to give up, she tried again.


This time her drill sergeant was yelling “DON’T LOOK DOWN!  DON’T LOOK DOWN!  DON’T LOOK DOWN!”


JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE!  I was almost crying at this point.


SHE DID IT!!!  And we all screamed and cheered and then fled the scene!!!


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Our very own photo session!

I recently did a session for Laurie Carpenter and her family (Laurie is a very talented photographer here in Nashville) and this week it was our turn to sit and look pretty for the camera.  When I was looking through all of the images that she took, I was shocked by how old Torin & Parker look.  I don’t know why… I see these kids every single day… but there’s something about looking at them in pictures (especially pictures that someone else took).  They are growing up!!!   :)









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We showered Aunt Kristen.

We are so excited to be getting a new little niece/cousin!  Torin has already made a list of games that she wants to play with the baby (due next month!).  I told Torin that Sabrina wouldn’t be able to sit up on her own when she’s born.  Here was how the conversation went:

Me:  “The baby will be very tiny and won’t even be able to sit up.”

Parker:  “Will she be able to sit down?”

I thought that was a fair question.

Here are a few pictures from Aunt Kristen’s baby shower.  She got a ton of great gifts!




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A glimpse into our evening.

Supper is over, dishes are cleared, homework is done, baths have been given… time for some family smack talk.


The first game was Torin & Daddy vs. Parker & Mama.  My partner was very dramatic when he played his cards.


Torin & Daddy won.  Thank goodness they didn’t gloat or anything.


Torin decided that she wanted to play the next hand all by herself.


Seriously?  You’re going to make me draw four?  BUT I’M YOUR FIRSTBORN.


Don’t feel too sorry for her.  She beat us fair and square.  (Love the look on Dave’s face here.)


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I don’t really agree with “starting them gradually.”

Here’s the thing.  Parker got to meet his teacher today and see his new classroom.  He was only there for about an hour.  Then he goes one day next week, but he really doesn’t officially start full-time until the following week.  I’m not sure why, but starting kindergarten is a really looooong process.  I guess they like to ease the kids into the new routine.

Meanwhile, Torin and the rest of the older kids are already on a full-time all-day schedule.  Which means Parker is home alone with me.  And BORED OUT OF HIS MIND.  Today I caught him digging holes in our backyard (he was going to plant mini-marshmallows to see if they would grow, and he was very upset with me when I wouldn’t give him the marshmallow “seeds.”)  Luckily, we found another activity (rolling down the hill in the dirt) that was the next best thing to planting marshmallows.





p.s.  I just noticed from looking at the blog that Parker is always wearing his green alligator shirt whenever we go somewhere.  Maybe it’s time for him to find a new favorite shirt!

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It’s that time of year again.

I have been dreaming about this day for the past five years – the day when both kids are in school full-time – so why did I get a huge lump in my throat when I pulled into the school parking lot this morning?  Today was Meet-the-Teacher day for Parker, so I got to stay with him the whole time.  I know he is going to mature so much this year, because I saw quite a change in Torin last year when she went through kindergarten.  For now, I’m just thankful that he still loves for me to rock him and will still hold my hand in public with no shame.  (I know that won’t be the case for long!)


We only got to spend a minute with his teacher, but he already knows that he LOVES her.


These two aren’t in the same class, but Aaron is just down the hall, which thrills Parker to death!


And at the opposite end of the hall… the 1st graders have got the drill down pat!


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