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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Babysitter in training.

The kids finally got to meet baby Sabrina after church today.  Sabrina is their 4-day-old cousin, and they have been dying to meet her.  Parker decided that Sabrina was pretty cute, but the dog was much more fun, so he stayed outside most of the time.  Torin, on the other hand… she could have held that baby forever.  (Torin’s main concern was that Sabrina doesn’t have any teeth.  Um, have you looked in the mirror lately, Torin?)


Could we be smiling any bigger?  I don’t think so!!!


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Rain delay.

It has rained ALL. WEEK. LONG.  Photo sessions for Saturday had to be rescheduled.  Soccer games were canceled.  What’s left for us to do?  Stuff our faces full of pancakes at the Pfunky Griddle, of course.  The kids had eaten there in the past with Uncle Matt & Aunt Kristen and were begging to go back.  (Where else can you make your own M&M pancakes on a hot griddle in the middle of the table?  Certainly not at home.)  So today we went.  It was banana pancakes followed by pineapple pancakes for Dave, whole wheat multigrain pancakes for me, and M&M pancakes for both kids.




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Letting off a little steam.

Gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this boy.  It has been a rough week for him.  For those of you who haven’t heard, we pulled Parker out of kindergarten after the first two weeks and decided that he needed one more year of Pre-K.  He loved kindergarten and he loved his teacher (and he LOVED riding the bus), so he wasn’t too thrilled with the decision.  We got him into a fantastic Pre-K program, though, and I know he’s going to be just fine once he gets settled into the routine.  His Pre-K class is made up of all boys, and they all turned five this summer, so they’re all the same age.

Since it has been such an emotional week (for both of us), we decided that we needed to let off a little steam in the backyard after preschool today.  Parker’s new favorite activity is shooting my old cap gun that I played with thirty years ago.  I only have two rolls of caps left,  but shooting the cap gun seems very cathartic for him, so today was a good day to rip through half a roll!


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Pears are a healthy snack.

The kids and I spent Labor Day weekend in Mt. Vernon on the farm.  Between the family reunion at Aunt Becky’s and the fish fry at Uncle Wayne’s, I think I came home about 10 pounds heavier.  If there’s one thing my family knows how to do, it’s make a covered dish.  Any vegetable can be made into a casserole by adding a stick of butter and a tub of sour cream and baking at 350 for an hour (of course there are a few variations, but that’s the general idea).  For the next few weeks, I’ll be eating nothing but pears for my snack… just like Torin’s cow.


My mother took these pictures at the Draege reunion.  I was too busy sampling all of the casseroles to bother with my camera.


The two boys in this picture are my two first cousins.  The one on the right (with the beard) is Ryan.  I was seven years old when he was born, and I can vividly remember carrying him around like a rag doll.  He is an architectural engineer now, and I don’t think I could pick him up if I tried.  The one on the left is Todd.  I was nine years old when he was born, and I had desperately prayed for him to be a girl (sorry, Todd).  I used to strap him in the baby seat on the back of my bike and ride up and down the blacktop road with him on the back.  (And that was back in the early ’80′s when nobody wore helmets.)  Todd is a police officer now, and I’m pretty sure he would give me a hefty ticket if he saw me riding a baby around on my bike like that today.  The beautiful blond next to me is Todd’s fiancee.  They’re getting married next summer in Destin.


I think my mother also took a few pictures of the kids with Baby Emery at the fish fry, but I don’t have those on my computer.  (If you think it’s hard to tear me away from a casserole, it’s next to impossible to tear me away from fried fish and hushpuppies, so I didn’t even have time to turn on my camera at that party.)

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