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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Carving away my guilt.

I have been working nonstop the past few weeks (or at least it seems that way).  I feel like I’m drowning in client photos, my back hurts, my shoulder hurts, I’m cranky and tired… I’m a real joy to live with, let me tell you.  I haven’t been able to do the fun things that a lot of my friends are doing with their kids (harvest festivals, pumpkin patch, fall bonfires) and I’ve even skipped church the past three weeks (don’t tell my mother) so I can stay home and work.  I’ve also missed Parker’s last four soccer games.  My kids have been watching a LOT of t.v., and the guilt was starting to really weigh heavily on me.  So tonight, we did something fun.  We carved jack-o-lanterns.  Who cares if the overpriced pumpkins came from Publix instead of the patch.  The kids enjoyed it.  And I feel slightly less guilty about not spending time with them.

[Note: This little family exercise brought out a bad case of the crazies.  I couldn't get a straight face from either kid.]




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Together again!

We dodged a major bullet this weekend.  Torin came home from school on Friday with a sore throat and a low fever.  I just knew it was the swine flu, because four other kids on our road have had it, including her best buddy who lives across the street.  I immediately went into Clorox mode and rubbed down everything I could reach with my bleach wipe.  She was feeling much better by Saturday morning, but I was convinced it was just the calm before the storm.  I even canceled my newborn session for Sunday because I didn’t want to expose the family.  Parker was relocated to the guest room and was confined to the main floor or the basement.  Torin was quarantined upstairs.  Then the boredom and the whining set in.

Oh, friends, I can’t even tell you how bad it was.  Parker doesn’t know what to do if he can’t play with Torin.  He fussed.  He whined.  He tried to sneak upstairs.  I yelled.  I thought about using my bleach wipe on him (but I didn’t).

Sunday morning… I did not set my alarm for church.  I just knew I would wake up to a very sick girl.  NOPE.  Praise the Lord, she woke up feeling fine and demanding her chocolate chip pancakes.

Parker is now a happy boy.





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It’s a miracle that I passed 1st grade science.

For the past several days, Torin has decided to quiz me on whatever she has learned that day at school.  My quizzes on Monday and Tuesday were about synonyms and I breezed right through those questions.  Then Wednesday came, and Wednesday’s question was about science.


She bounced through the door and asked “Mama!  Do you know how to make a GAS out of a LIQUID and a SOLID?!??!”


I’m sure I knew the answer to that back in 1981.  But now?  I was hoping she had to go to the bathroom so I could google it really quick while she was out of the room.  (I mean, if she had asked me about due process of law and wanted me to recite the minimum contacts test from International Shoe v. Washington, I could have dazzled her with my quick memory recall.  But how to make a gas out of a liquid and a solid?  Ugh.)

I admit, I drew a blank.  She had to tell me the answer.  And then she had to show me.  All you need is some acetic acid and a dash of sodium bicarbonate.


First, put the solid in a beaker.  Then pour in your liquid.  Holding your nose is optional.


You can pour your liquid slowly and meticulously like Torin…


Or you can throw caution to the wind and dump it all in at once like Parker.


Wa-la!  It made carbon dioxide… a GAS!  (If it gets any more complicated than this, she going to have to start asking her dad.)


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