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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The morning nature show.

Now that the leaves have all fallen, we can finally see into the woods behind our house (just ignore the dirty windows please).  It seems like every morning we have something new roaming around our backyard, which amazes me since we live in the middle of the city.


This guy was strolling through our yard today.  He’d better keep his distance from me.  Back in college, I got really good at hitting deer with my car (three of them, thank you very much).  I really don’t want to hit another one, especially in my new truck.  (Oh yeah, I have a new vehicle!!!  No more minivan!  More on that later…)


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Sabrina update.

Torin & Parker’s new cousin is now 6-weeks-old.  They still love her to death and talk about her constantly!  She stopped by for just a couple of minutes today and both kids just HAD to hold her.  Sabrina was such a good sport.  :)


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If I weren’t three weeks behind, I would be a really cool parent.

For those of you who have been living under a rock (or do not have children in elementary school), let me be the first to tell you about animal bracelets.  They are ALL THE RAGE.  They are rubber bands shaped like a T-Rex, a duck, a cat, a dollar sign… you get the idea.  I first read about them on Facebook (thanks to a post by Torin’s former speech therapist).  That was three weeks ago.  Then Torin came home with one that she had “traded” on the bus.  (Since she didn’t have any bracelets at the time, I’m not sure I want to know what exactly she “traded” for it.)   After that, I hurried over to this site and ordered up two big packs of these things… and they just arrived today.  Of course, today was also the day that Torin came home from school and announced that her teacher has BANNED the bracelets in her classroom.

Now we have 48 animal bracelets and no place to wear them.

Maybe Dave could start a new trend at his office.



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A cool reenactment for the kids today.

Our church did a reenactment of the David & Goliath story for the kids this morning.  The dudes in the red are the Philistine soldiers.  They came out all cocky and confident at first… (that’s Goliath holding the sword up in the air, and that’s Daddy standing on the far left)


When David struck Goliath with his slingshot and Goliath fell to the ground, the confidence disappeared quick.  All of the Philistine soldiers yelled like little girls and ran away as fast as they could while the Israelites chased them.  The Philistines were defeated!!!  (I didn’t get a picture of the kid who played David, but he did an awesome job.)


Like all soldiers do after a battle, the Philistines then ran off to the Connection Cafe for some pastries and some fruit tea.  We stopped our favorite soldier for a quick picture first.  Great job, guys!  (By the way, the kids are wearing purple sashes because they’re Israelites.  Technically, they should be taking Daddy the Philistine as their slave.)


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