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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Making memories with good friends.

Nothing brings the neighborhood out like a good snowstorm!  Despite all of the shoveling (where’s the Aleve?), we had a wonderful time this morning with all of the people on our street who came out to play!  We are especially thankful for the two kids across the road who are the same ages as Torin and Parker.  They definitely  know how to party with a few pool toys, a rubber raft, some duct tape, and a box lid.  It was sledding, Tennessee style!  :)





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Parker’s athletic career.

Soccer wasn’t his thing.  So we’re going to try baseball this March.  He’s really excited about hanging out in the dugout and eating the snow cones afterwards, so this might actually be a successful season.


Just noticed that I probably need to peel the stickers off of his helmet.


After watching him practice in the garage this morning, I’m sure we’ll be getting a phone call from one of the triple-A teams soon.  I’ll keep you all posted.


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Today was a bad day to be a meteorologist.

It wasn’t the 2-4 inches that was originally predicted.  It turned out to be BARELY a dusting.  It didn’t even cover the grass.  But thank goodness there was enough snow on the deck and the driveway to justify putting on the boots.  (And of course they have already canceled school for tomorrow too, because… um… well… I have no clue why.  But they did.)





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