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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ready, set, GO!

I HATE large crowds.

And I really, really, really HATE the port-a-potties that go along with large crowds.  The nasty, germy, filthy port-a-potties.

But I love this 1st grader more than I hate crowds and port-a-potties, so when she asked to sign up for the Country Music Marathon, I told her to go for it!  Then I found out that a whopping 3,500 other kids were also going to run, and at that point it was too late to back out.

The starting times were staggered based on each grade.  The 1st graders didn’t start until 7:00 p.m.

GOOOOOOOOOO TORIN!!!!!  (She’s on the far right.)  You’ll notice that there were a few parents from each school who ran along with the children.  Fortunately, I did not feel the burden on my heart to volunteer in that capacity, but I am thankful for those who stepped up and offered to run.

Crossing the finish line!!!

And the first thing she said when she saw me: “Mama!  These drinks were FREE!!!”  Followed by: “Can I lay down for just a second?”  :)

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Spring Break 2010.

Our spring break was pretty subdued this year.  Dave had to work, so the kids and I went to Illinois for a few days.  The time always flies by when we’re up there, and I never get a chance to see everyone that I want to see, but here’s a rundown of how we filled our four short days:  I hung out with Grandpa Marlin (for more on him, click here)…

We fished, drove the mule around the farm, and played outside A LOT…

Torin tried desperately to teach Sabrina to play the Nintendo, but Sabrina just wanted to lick it…

We all went to an awesome birthday party and Parker showed the pinata who’s boss…

And finally, I got to take pictures of sweet little Emery, who turned one on Easter!

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