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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Six years of love, laughter, and bathroom jokes.

Six years ago tonight, we met Parker for the first time.  He was pretty cute and we liked him well enough, but he lacked… personality.  To be perfectly honest, he was a little needy back then.  (Torin was less than thrilled with the new family member.)

Fast forward to 2010.  We love this boy more than words can describe.

He is a comedian, a bear-hugger, a bug-lover, and a peace-maker.  He cracks us up on a daily basis, and our home would be so boring without him.

He is Torin’s best friend and partner in crime.  He is Dave’s constant sidekick, and yet he is still a huge Mama’s boy, which I love.  Happy birthday to a super-duper son and brother!

And finally, the annual growth-chart picture.

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Vacation time.

We just got back from spending a week at Blue Mountain Beach (east of Destin & just west of Watercolor and Seaside).  My whole family drove down to attend my cousin’s wedding.  After the wedding, we spent the remaining six days swimming, walking the beach, building sandcastles, eating seafood, and swimming some more.  The beach was beautiful – Blue Mountain Beach is the highest elevation in the Gulf of Mexico and is protected by a reef out in the ocean, so the particular location where we stayed has not seen much oil.  We saw BP cleanup workers walking up and down the beach every morning, but we never saw them collect a whole lot.  My initial plan was to keep the kids out of the water due to all of the chemical disbursements, but I quickly realized that my plan was going to fail.  I finally just gave up and let them have a grand ole time splashing around.  Torin developed a rash on her trunk, but I really think that was from the sand irritating her skin rather than from something in the water.  Oil or no oil, we’re all ready to go back!  We had a fabulous time!

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Another year, another sparkler.

We spent our July 4th like most Americans… eating food, playing with friends in our neighborhood, and watching untrained men set fire to dangerous pyrotechnics while their women and children cheer them on.  And now I am spending July 5th just like I always do – counting my mosquito bites.  :)

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We just got back from spending the day in Huntsville at the Space Center.  There is a traveling Star Wars exhibit there this summer, which is the main reason that the kids wanted to go.  Here are a few pictures from today… we all enjoyed the trip, and I think we can safely rule out “astronaut” as a possible career choice for Parker.  (The pictures at the end prove that his feet need to be planted firmly on the ground.)

You know those rides where you climb to the top and then free fall to the bottom?  Here is the kiddie version.  I’m not sure Parker knew what he was getting into.  Notice that both kids were smiling on the way up.

Whoa.  Parker just realized what this ride is all about.

His face during the first big drop…

“Hi.  I know we just met.  But I really want to throw up on you.”

 That got everyone’s attention.  All eyes on the white boy who is turning pale green.

Thank goodness he made it through the whole thing without losing his lunch.  Torin was on her own for the other rides.

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