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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Minute to Win It.

What do you do when you’ve got two kids who are:  (1) extremely bored, (2) hyped up on Christmas cookies and (3) waiting not-so-patiently for the first wave of grandparents to arrive bearing gifts?  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I did the only thing I could think of.  I re-created their favorite game show and made them the contestants.  It was Minute to Win It, Thomas Style.  Torin went first.  She had a Kleenex box filled with about 15 marbles strapped to her bottom, and her mission was to empty the box in 60 seconds or less, without using her hands. 

When you don’t have much junk in your trunk, it takes an awful lot of wiggling, shaking, and jumping to complete the task, but she did it with about 10 seconds to spare.

Parker did a great job, too.  When he finished, he wanted to know if he had banked $75,000.  I told him that unless he saw Guy Fieri walk through our front door, the answer was no.  It was certainly an entertaining way to kill some time, though!

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Snow day #1.

I just have this sinking feeling that we’re going to be blessed with lots of school cancellations this winter, so I’m going to keep a running tally here to remember exactly how many snow days we end up with.  The kids have brand spanking new sleds from Lowe’s, so when Carol Birdsong gave us “the call” last night to announce the first official snow day, they were thrilled.

Their new sleds are tie-dyed with some psychedelic colors swirled in, so they add a lovely splash of color to our garage.  No more sledding redneck style on beach rafts and cardboard box lids!

We have a tiny little hill in our backyard that is the perfect size for the kids to navigate on their own.  They can push themselves down the hill and then climb back up with no parental assistance.  Score!

The fact that they can do it on their own leaves me free to stand back and take pictures, or better yet, watch from inside the house.

After one of them threw snow in the other person’s face, leaving the victim in tears, it was time to come in for hot chocolate.  While sipping her drink, Torin asked me if I ever had snow days when I was in college back in 1853.  I guess I at least have to give her a little credit for paying attention to detail.

And finally… this is what my kitchen floor has looked like for the past two days.  Lovely, isn’t it?

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On with the snow.

This is what he looked like after spending 1 minute in the snow.

Here he is again – after about 10 minutes.  Maybe the hat underneath the hood was overkill.

It’s not much, but they couldn’t be happier.

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