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Yearly Archives: 2011

A peek at December

We started our winter break off by decorating gingerbread houses.

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s indulge in sugary candy (and give bunny ears, yeah, that’s a big thing with both of them now).

The sugar high lasted all the way through until Christmas morning.  Torin scored big with her new purple disc chair, and Parker got a new kicking/punching bag.

I attempted to take a few more wintery pictures of them in the backyard the next day.  I like the back-to-back shots so I can compare their height.  The back-to-back pose, however, usually lasts about 1.3 seconds.

This is how it usually goes.  First, there’s the death grip on the hand.  He thinks I won’t notice.  He figures I’m focused on the big smile that he’s flashing and not paying one bit of attention to the super squeeze that he has put on his sister’s delicate fingers.

But the sister soon retaliates against the death grip by trying to knock him over with her bony rear end.  It’s a classic move that results in full-on combat between their posterior portions, all while they are still holding hands and remaining back-to-back (so “technically” obeying how I asked them to stand).  At that point, their exasperated mother yells something like “Seriously?  Stop it!  Are you ready to go inside?  FINE.”

Ahh… the memories.  :)  Think they’ll still act like this when they’re 28 and 30?

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Thanksgiving 2011

We spent a few days in Illinois last week… I didn’t take very many pictures because it was hard to hold my camera and a piece of pie at the same time.  I did, however, take the camera to Torin’s first concert at Great-Grandpa Marlin’s nursing home, which was the highlight of our trip.  She played for 10 whole minutes and had the entire crowd singing along as she played “Home on the Range” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”  I’m convinced that she totally would’ve gotten a standing ovation if any of these older people could’ve stood up on their own.  I see more nursing home concerts in her future!

The weather was rainy and yucky while we were there, but that didn’t stop the kids from practicing their daredevil stunt moves on the four-wheeler at MeMe and PaPa’s.

We also helped feed the cows while we were there.  This big girl was after my husband…

…and I was not about to stand in her way.

Torin came to the rescue and lured her away with some fresh pears.  And then I went back inside, put the camera down, and ate some more pie.

On Thanksgiving Day, we enjoyed dinner with Grandpa Bob and Nana, but I was too preoccupied with the cheeseball and the bacon-wrapped-brown-sugar-coated-weenies to take any pictures.  :)  The end.

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Field trip!

Guess what I was doing at oh-dark-thirty this morning.  I was boarding a big charter bus full of 3rd graders.  We spent the day in Chattanooga touring Rock City and Ruby Falls, and thanks to a lot of caffeine and four ibuprofen, I really enjoyed the day with Torin and her friends.  Rock City was my favorite.  Even though I never could figure out what state we were in (Tennessee?  Georgia?), the views were gorgeous.  Ruby Falls was very pretty, too, it’s just that I don’t enjoy being 1,120 feet below the surface.  I think it’s sweet that Leo Lambert took his wife, Ruby, half a mile into a dark cave to show her the waterfall that he had discovered and named in her honor, but if if I had been Ruby, I would’ve said “thanks but no thanks… I’ll wait right here at the entrance.”  Here are a few iPhone pictures of our fabulous field trip!

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conquering our backyard, one leaf at a time.

One thing we love about our house is that the back wall of our family room is all windows, floor to ceiling, and we have a great view of the woods in our backyard.  This fall has been a gorgeous one.  The trees in the woods look like they’re made of gold.  When the light shines through the trees and into our windows, our whole family room has a yellow glow.  Not only are the leaves beautiful to look at, they are also fun to play in.  Torin is pretty particular about her leaf pile.  Some leaves get raked into the pile, while others are placed strategically by hand.  Once she has deemed the pile to be perfect, it’s time to let instincts take over.

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A Halloween preview.

Torin will be going as a hula girl.  But she’s not JUST a hula girl… she’s also a book character.

She’s got this grand plan to take Molly along trick-or-treating with her so they both can collect candy.  We’ll see how that works out.

The funny thing is, her grass skirt outfit came with a coconut bra.  I am happy to report that she is way too modest to wear it.  She is even embarrassed to have it hanging in her closet.  :)

Parker is going as Indiana Jones.  He and Harrison Ford look a lot alike, don’t you think?

He’s just as rough and tough as the real Indiana Jones.  It’s just really, really hard for him to keep a straight face.

He’s got a whip, too, so look out.

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Congratulations are in order…

Guess who won all three rounds and took home 1st place in the martial arts grappling tournament this morning?  Parker did, that’s who!  To say that we were shocked would be an understatement.  He is not normally very aggressive during class.  However, during the tournament, Parker’s alter ego (who is apparently a master in Brazilian jiu jitsu) showed up big time.  :)  It was certainly entertaining to see this new side of him!

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Torin’s letter from Mrs. Obama.

Think back… like, way, way waaaaaay back.  All the way back to October 9, 2010, when Torin wrote a letter to Mrs. Obama suggesting that she redecorate the White House to include a Pink Room or a Glitter Room.  Well, Torin finally got a response!  I cannot tell you how exciting it was for her to receive a large envelope from The White House.  She got several nice pictures, a cute little fact sheet about Bo (her favorite part), some activity sheets, and a nice letter  (she loved the official seal).  There was no mention of the Pink Room or Glitter Room in the letter, which we took as a good sign.  At least Mrs. Obama didn’t shoot down the idea completely.  Torin decided that the White House decorators must still be thinking about it.

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