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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Summer’s swan song.

We wanted to squeeze every ounce of fun out of this summer before it came to a close, so the grand finale for the boys was a weekend in Chicago!  I dropped Dave and Parker off at the airport on Friday afternoon.  They met up with Uncle Dave when they got to the Windy City.

Narrated by Parker:  “The first day we went to a museum.  I saw a T. Rex, and elephant, and a whale.  Also, I saw some space stuff and a u-boat.”

“The dinosaur’s name was Sue.”

“Then we ate pizza.  Then we went to the top of Willis Tower.  I stood on the glass floor and danced and stomped but it did not break.”

“We went to Wrigley Field and saw a baseball game.  And we went to the Lego Store, but we did NOT go to American Girl.”

“We also went to Soldier Field.  There weren’t any soldiers there.  The sun was in my eyes in this picture.  I had a good time with Daddy and Uncle Dave.  The end.”

[One more thing: Don't feel too sorry for us girls.  Torin and I certainly didn't sit around all weekend and twiddle our thumbs.  However, we made a pact that our exact whereabouts shall forever remain a secret.  So if you happened to see us last weekend, mum's the word.  Thanks.]

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