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Monthly Archives: December 2011

A peek at December

We started our winter break off by decorating gingerbread houses.

If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s indulge in sugary candy (and give bunny ears, yeah, that’s a big thing with both of them now).

The sugar high lasted all the way through until Christmas morning.  Torin scored big with her new purple disc chair, and Parker got a new kicking/punching bag.

I attempted to take a few more wintery pictures of them in the backyard the next day.  I like the back-to-back shots so I can compare their height.  The back-to-back pose, however, usually lasts about 1.3 seconds.

This is how it usually goes.  First, there’s the death grip on the hand.  He thinks I won’t notice.  He figures I’m focused on the big smile that he’s flashing and not paying one bit of attention to the super squeeze that he has put on his sister’s delicate fingers.

But the sister soon retaliates against the death grip by trying to knock him over with her bony rear end.  It’s a classic move that results in full-on combat between their posterior portions, all while they are still holding hands and remaining back-to-back (so “technically” obeying how I asked them to stand).  At that point, their exasperated mother yells something like “Seriously?  Stop it!  Are you ready to go inside?  FINE.”

Ahh… the memories.  :)  Think they’ll still act like this when they’re 28 and 30?

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