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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Pickler & the Space Carrier

For Torin’s 11th birthday present, her MeMe and PaPa bought tickets to the Grand Ole Opry for her to see Lennon and Maisy Stella (they’re the girls who play Rayna’s daughter on the t.v. show “Nashville,” and Torin goes to school with Maisy).  PaPa got sick at the last minute, so I graciously hopped in the car and took his place.  Unfortunately, the Opry schedule also changed at the last minute, and the Stella sisters weren’t there, but we still knew we were in for a treat.  Plus, my mother said that our seats should be “pretty good.”


Evidently, when my mother says she has seats that are “pretty good,” that means FRONT ROW SMACK IN THE MIDDLE.


My first thought was, OH MY GOSH, I just saw a camera pan the audience and I hope my hair looks good.  My second thought was, if Diamond Rio is telling me to clap, I’d better clap, because they’re staring right at me.


Even though Torin didn’t get to see the Stella sisters, she enjoyed every minute of Kellie Pickler, who is just the cutest thing.  The fact that Kellie was close enough to be invading our personal space made it even more fun.


I’ll admit, it was pretty hard to top Friday night at the Opry, but we shifted gears on Saturday and focused on something that Parker is very passionate about.  LEGOS.  There was a huge contest at the library, and nothing brings a community together like little plastic bricks.


His entry was called “Space Carrier,” and it was a vessel with weapons, people, fiery things, and other cool stuff that I know nothing about.  He didn’t win, but that’s okay.  Sometimes you work really, really hard, and still walk away empty-handed.  It can be tough to swallow, but you still have to hold your head high and be proud that you tried.  (I’m sure that’s what Peyton Manning’s mom told him.  Because this is exactly the same kind of situation, right?)


He did get lots of cool ideas and is already thinking about what to enter next year!



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It’s that time of year again.  Time for the annual Lighting of the Krispy Kreme.


She’s eleven.  Or as she told me this morning, “That’s only two years away from being a teenager, and only five years away from sixteen.”


For now, I just want her to enjoy eleven.  I know that it will be gone in a heartbeat.

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