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Take cover. Seek shelter. HIT THE DECK.

We had a wonderful (and cold) Christmas this year!  Our first stop was Anna, Illinois, to visit Grandpa Bob, Nana, and Aunt Haley.  After that, we headed up to Mt. Vernon to visit MeMe & PaPa and the rest of the Cherrys.  We played in the snow and ate way too much.  (But Dave got the P90X videos as a gift, so he’ll be buff in no time.)

As usual, the kids scored a ton of new loot.  In addition to the Hot Wheels Super Jump Raceway, the Indiana Jones Lego Temple of Doom, a pink iPod, computer artwork software, Star Wars sheets, Barbie sheets, and walkie-talkies, they also got two new B.B. Guns for Christmas!  After PaPa reviewed the 10 Safety Rules with them, they went outside to try and shoot a very high-tech target (an old pizza box).  Note: the dog was locked safely in the garage during target practice, and I made sure I stood waaay over to the side while I was taking pictures.


The facial expression on a marksman is very, very important.


I’m glad his face didn’t freeze this way.


Emily - December 31, 2009 - 9:52 am

Hey, they’ll shoot their eyes out! :) Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year!