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Stepping on legos.

I find them everywhere.  On my kitchen table, on my bathroom floor, underneath the couch, in my makeup drawer, in the dirty clothes hamper, and next to my pillow.   The boy at my house has a full-blown obsession with Legos.  I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I step on them and it makes me mumble an inappropriate word or two, but I tolerate them because he loves them so much.


Sometimes he will read the instructions and build a truck exactly like it’s supposed to be built.  Other times he will go upstairs to his Lego table and create something on his own.  And he will ALWAYS try to talk other people into playing Legos with him.  My mother was his latest victim.  She was too weak to resist his pleas.


It reminds me a lot of his Thomas the Train obsession when he was two.  In fact, we have converted the old train table into a Lego table.


Someday I will look back on this time and remember our Lego phase with nostalgia.  Until then, I will keep my head down and watch where I step.