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A weekend to remember.

Yes, she has her shoes and coat on, but don’t let that fool you.  She’s not going anywhere but the deck.  And she’s only allowed to be on the deck for a couple of minutes just to put a little space between her and her brother.  None of us are going anywhere today.  And we couldn’t go anywhere yesterday, either.  Oh, and school has already been canceled for tomorrow.  If you’re not in Nashville and haven’t seen it on the news, let me share something with you.  We have been in major crisis mode all weekend.

These pictures were taken by people who were brave enough to be on the road.  The left picture is the street by our house.  The right picture is the submerged parking lot of my grocery store.

On the left… you get the idea.  This was I-24 over the weekend.  On the right… that’s Dave’s office.  He’s going to have an interesting week.

We feel so fortunate that our house sits on top of a hill, and we are praying for our friends who have suffered major damage to their homes.  The rain is supposed to stop tonight, so hopefully the water will go down and the big cleanup can start tomorrow.