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My playground date with Parker.

For various reasons, our school district likes to start kindergartners out gradually.  Very, very gradually.  So while Torin and the rest of the older kids have already had over a full week of school, the kindergartners are still easing into their new routine.  That means that Parker has been home with me a lot this week, and that means that he has been super bored.  Dave took the day off yesterday and entertained him.  This morning, it was my turn… and he requested that we take his paper airplane to the playground so he could watch it fly from the top of the slide.

I agreed to the playground trip, not because I wanted to watch the paper airplane fly, but because I wanted to get some pictures of him with his four front teeth missing.  I have so many photography clients who call me in a panic wanting to squeeze in one last photo session before their kid looses his teeth.  I just don’t get it.  I LOVE the toothless look!

It makes brushing his teeth a breeze.

Typically, when we’re not playing paper airplanes or watching Phineas & Ferb,  we’re either tickling each other or wrestling.  I always win the tickling games.  He always defeats me at wrestling.

And finally, his best Statue of Liberty impression.   He heads off to school full time next week.  I am very excited for him, but I’m also going to miss having him around!