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Reminder: someone’s birthday is in October.

Since I am still a member of the Arizona State Bar, I continue to get all kinds of attorney-related emails (recent topics include: Advising employers on severance agreements; Drafting covenants not to compete and nonsolicitation agreements; HIPPA audits – what to do when HHS has you in its crosshairs; Landlord-tenant disputes in commercial leasing… don’t those all sound like wildly exciting topics??!?).  Anyway, the most recent email was advertising a special “attorney chair.”  I think it would also work great as a “photographer chair” and since my birthday is coming up…

I’m pretty sure that for $1199, the chair must also bring me a Diet Coke, rub my feet, respond to emails, and automatically edit the pictures for me.  I bet there’s a built-in iPod, too.

Your Husband - September 22, 2008 - 8:33 pm

Nice Chair. Wow! You want a chair for your b-day, check. I’ll see what Costco has today…may not be as fancy though… :P