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Hey, Atlanta, my family needs to eat.

 The kids went back to school today, which meant I caught up on work in the morning and hit the grocery store in the afternoon.  I love Publix.  I’ve tried Kroger, but I don’t like it as well.  I’ve tried Wild Oats, and it’s too expensive.  I’ve tried Wal-Mart, and their produce section scares me.  So I will stick with Publix and their fabulous customer service and their great BOGO deals.  But good gracious, it was slim pickins’ this week.  Apparently, the trucks that bring the food to the Publix stores have to go through Atlanta, and nothing has “gone through” Atlanta for several days.

This is sort of how I imagine the end times… a world completely void of boneless, skinless chicken breast.

And no Kraft shredded sharp cheddar.

And no crescent rolls. 

So listen, Atlanta, it’s time to plow the roads and push those trucks out before I have to start eating the baby yogurt.  Thanks.