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Snow Day #6.

I told myself back in December that I would blog on each and every snow day this winter so I could document how we spent our unexpected days home from school.  I thought it would be fun.  I expected to write a few posts and include some cool pictures of the kids sledding and throwing snowballs.  I never imagined that we would have SO many snowdays that the kids don’t even ASK to go play in the snow anymore, and I really have NOTHING to blog about because we’re all so flippin’ tired of the snow.  When I told the kids that school was canceled, they COMPLAINED.  Torin just wants to go see her friends.  And Parker is worried that if school keeps getting called off, he’ll “never learn what 1,000 plus 800 equals.”  (I told him if that was really a big concern, I could make him an excel spreadsheet to figure that one out.)

We spent most of the morning in our jammies, and Torin didn’t leave her bed until at least 10 a.m.  I put an electric blanket on her bed last week, and it has changed her world.  She loves cranking it on high and crawling under the covers.  I think she also likes the element of extreme danger that it brings… I overheard her telling Parker, “If I pee in my bed, I will get electrocuted!”    :)