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Operation: Easter Surprise.

We egged some of our friends today, and it was soooo much fun!  Armed with 85 candy-filled plastic eggs, Torin & Parker snuck up on each house, scattered the eggs, slapped a sign on the front door, rang the bell, and then ran as fast as they could back to the getaway car.  House #1 was our biggest challenge.  Fearful of getting caught, Parker decided to wear a mustache to disguise himself as he stealthily made his moves.

Ruuuuuun!!!  House #1 was sort of a half-success.  We saw one of the children peeking out the window as we sped off, and we think she recognized the getaway vehicle (probably because it is the same as the carpool vehicle).

House #2 was much less stressful.  As luck would have it, I happened to be on the phone with the Lady of the House earlier in the morning, and she mentioned that they were leaving soon for a doctor’s appointment.  Score!

No one was home.  House #2 was a total success.

House #3 gave us an unexpected twist.  We pulled our undercover car up to their driveway only to discover that they had a yard full of landscapers working (gasp!)!

We remained undeterred.  After nodding at the landscapers and and giving them the universal wave which means “Don’t mind us, we’re just here to scatter some eggs, and we promise not to mess up your mulch, por favor and gracias,” we went about our business.

Uh-oh.  The operation almost came to a screeching halt when the kids couldn’t find the doorbell.

Finally found the bell!  House #3 was another success!

And finally, House #4.  This house gave us something that we hadn’t exactly planned for – lots of barking dogs who were freely roaming the cul-de-sac.  We don’t believe that the homeowners were there at the time, so we’re just praying that the neighborhood dogs didn’t get into the Reece’s eggs and the Kit-Kats after we left.  Otherwise, we may be in BIG trouble.

Success again!