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Influential people.

I love these folks.  This is Parker’s karate instructor.  He is gentle with the kids and tough at the same time.  He is teaching Parker how to focus, how to be respectful, and how to defend himself against a bully.  Parker is learning self-confidence and self-empowerment, and if he’s ever in a cage fight in Vegas, he’ll at least have some basic skills. 

This is Torin’s piano teacher.  For the past year, she has come into our home every Monday afternoon.  While she and Torin are doing the lesson, I am usually in the kitchen starting supper or helping Parker with his homework.  She recently told us that she has taken a full time job teaching Chinese at a prestigious private school, so she will no longer be giving piano lessons after May is over.  My heart immediately sank when she told me, because we have grown quite attached to her.  There is something about having someone come into your home… the setting is much more intimate and you grow attached to the person super quickly.

I love both of these adults because they genuinely care about my kids.  They challenge them, encourage them, and inspire them.    I know that Torin will have other piano teachers in the future, and Parker may or may not be in karate forever, but for this stage of their lives, I am thankful to have them around such positive influences.