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Mammoth Cave.

Here are a few highlights from our trip to Mammoth Cave this morning!

What struck me most about Mammoth Cave was its sheer size (hence the name: the “mammoth” cave).  We did the Historic Tour, which covered only about two miles, but there are actually over 365 miles of passageways, and geologists think there could be 600 miles of yet undiscovered passageways.  That’s a lot of space for a lot of bats!

We did a whole lot of hiking on our tour – and by hiking, I mean walking hunched over like we had permanent back damage (especially during the “Tall Man’s Misery” passageway).  Only the kids were able to stand in the full upright position, and they thoroughly enjoyed giggling at the rest of us.

We also went through a passageway called “Fat Man’s Misery.”  I didn’t take any pictures of the actual passageway because it was really dark (plus I was too busy trying to breathe and remain calm), but I am pleased to report that I only had to turn partially sideways for this.  Everyone in our group made it through Fat Man’s Misery, but there were certainly people who polished the rocks more than others.  :)

The cave was also an excellent place to practice our shadow puppets.

It was so nice and cool when we were 300 feet below the ground.  Coming up out of the cave to 100 degree temperatures was quite a shock to my system, but it was good to see daylight again!

Check this out… my favorite part.  Due to some weird fungal disease affecting bats in Kentucky, all visitors are required to walk across a bio-security mat as soon as they come out of the cave.  It’s basically a mat covered in Lysol foam.  I am thinking about adopting this idea for my house.  Nothing says “Welcome to Our Home” like a Lysol mat at the front door, right?  Especially during strep throat season?  I love the idea.

We made it!  I am so glad we took this little day trip.  It was an educational experience for all of us, and hopefully  Torin & Parker will remember it for a long time.