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This is a little hard for me to talk about, but I have to do it.  All of you know about MacGyver (and by “all of you,” I’m referring to the three people who actually follow my blog).  We got him in January when he was just 8-weeks-old.  Over the next four months, I complained about his digging, his barking, his foul smelling crate, and don’t even get me started on how much money he was costing us… but secretly, I was becoming attached to him.  He was pretty well-mannered the first couple of months that we had him.  I took him to puppy training school, and he learned the routine.  He was always aggressive with the kids, but I just figured that was normal puppy energy, and I blamed myself for not making sure he got enough exercise.  I thought if he got more exercise, he wouldn’t be as aggressive.  While the exercise may have been part of it, he clearly was developing a very strong, dominant personality.  It finally got to a point where the kids couldn’t be alone with the dog unsupervised, and they could only play for a few minutes before he started jumping and nipping/biting their legs and arms.  With summer coming on, I knew it wasn’t going to work.  The kids were going to be home full-time, and I didn’t want to have to worry about dog injuries.

I called the breeder where we got MacGyver and asked if she would help us find him a new home.  She said that she would take him back and offer us another dog if we wanted to try a different puppy who had a much  more laid-back personality.  That’s when Dash entered the picture.  When I made the final decision to get rid of MacGyver, I never intended to get another dog.  However, the breeder assured me that Dash was great with little kids and had a temperament that would be a much better fit for our family.  Plus, the kids were BEGGING me to try again.  Call me crazy.  I gave in.

Meet Dash.  He is a 7-month-old goldendoodle, which means he’s half golden retriever and half poodle.

We didn’t pick the name, and since we are still on a trial basis with him, we’re still calling him Dash.  The name Dash makes us think of a few different things…

We’ve only had him for two days, but so far, he’s been a sweetie.  He is very gentle and calm, which is a huge change from what we’re used to.

We still miss MacGyver.  He was one ornery little booger, but we still loved him.  I’m sure he’s having a big wild party with all of his friends back in Bucksnort.  For now, though, we are enjoying Dash.  To be continued…