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Summer so far.

Today is the 36th day of summer break.  There are 42 more days to go (in case you were wondering).  Here’s how we’ve been occupying our time so far… Torin went to a fabulous camp for girls where they swam and played tennis every day.  She is now lobbying for us to build a pool and a tennis court in our backyard.

MacGyver had surgery.  It was a very personal matter, and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Dave turned 45.  He doesn’t want to talk about that, either.

We’ve had some play dates with friends.

We’ve put some miles on the teeter totter.  (Yeah, it takes two of them sitting on one side to balance me out.  And I don’t want any smart aleck comments about that.)

And finally, if you’ve seen me lately and wondered why my hair looks like it’s in knots, it’s because Torin has been practicing her braiding skills.  (However, as of today, I have decided that I’m getting scammed.  I think she really does know how to braid.  She just enjoys tying knots in my hair.)  The end.


Meme - July 1, 2012 - 7:28 pm

I’m sure that’s exactly how Aunt Becky started out . . . putting knots in MY hair!